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54 minutes ago, fan no 1 said:

Pressure from all sides, vaccines free for all antademo.

bochadu mandi kinda meda padi dabbulaki veyinchukuntunnaru , I dont think modi can take that decision malli fail aithe inka ekkuva bad avtham ani asalu aa topic touch and ho laga set chesthadu

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Vaccine Export: Masterstroke

Vaccine Import: Masterstroke


Vaccine for 45+: Masterstroke

Vaccine for 18+: Masterstroke


Vaccine for Free: Masterstroke

Vaccine for Cash: Masterstroke


Incompetent Modi doing full U-turn on his own decision is a Masterstroke 🤣

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19 minutes ago, gnk@vja said:

Nenu letter rasa anduke pm announce chesadu antademo ...

Actually jaffa vaccine funding గురించి అసలు quote చేసే ధైర్యం చేయలేదు.

It was Comrade Vijayan who made free Universal Vaccination demand.


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Posted (edited)

internation travel vallane kada virus india lo ki vachindi... borders evari control lo unnayi, states control lo na?

ee question adadga kudadu!

Edited by Nfdbno1
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