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  1. Voice sync ledu bro. But good attempt. Need this type of videos for more spread.
  2. RR ni PCC ki recommend chesindi KCR? What a joke bro? Anyway its your opinion.
  3. Meru me cheppali anukontunnaru bro. Meru first emi cheppaaru TRS congress ki support chestundi annaru to surge BJP. Do you think kcr will do that?
  4. Everyone knows the fact and situation. Just giving explanation others and everyone don't blame him after huzurabad elections and conveying same.
  5. Correct ga cheppadu. Matured ga matladadu.
  6. TRS is not supported bro. Meeting day Govt vaccination drives pettaranta also double bed room house surway vundi don't go away ani chepparanta .
  7. Really felt very bad about that comment. CBI not even ready for file affidavit and they are talking about Sonu sood
  8. Not only MLAs after seeing roads every one scolding them.
  9. I see most of the core YCP or yeedy people ki cinema vallu ante chala takkuva ga choostaru . May be their domination is not there.
  10. Blind followers are happy first one year. They earned max. Taruvata contracts tesukonna vallaki bills clear kaka tittukontunnaru. I don't know about other areas. Nenu naa circle and villages lo jarugutundi cheptunna. Shops vallu govt contracts ante appu ivvatam ledu. Maa ooilo sachivalaym contract 95laks like vundi and cement roads vunnai. Evadu munduku ravatam ledu.
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