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  1. maku dooram relative okayana chanipoye 4weeks ayyindi due to corona. Rest of the family in the house got Covid positive as well, all are still recovering...Sad part is, Except the son and few of his friends ,rest of the family doesn't even know that he died, even today. Son doesn't want to make them upset and create a panic situation, beds kooda levu edanna ayite.
  2. First of all he is a PhD holder, that doesn't mean he is smart but sometimes he brings valid points to the table. Ayana Pro BJP ga vesukunte parledu, BJP goppa ani cheppataniki TDP lo leni tappulu chupinchatam bad. Tirupati elections lo naitika vijayam ani mana vallu ante ayanedo picha pushpam post esadu.
  3. Twitter vadu 1000s of man hours save chesadu, ledante Kangana vesina pakodi tweets ki retweets, news debates...Desam M ayyipoyedi inko 2months aa account active lo vunte.
  4. 6am to 12pm kooda..alternative days matrame pettali...we got to break the chain.
  5. today's chanukah cheyaleda survey WB lo?
  6. Turkey announced 3 weeks lockdown...ee Matta gadiki emochindo.
  7. I heard 3 deaths and 2 infections today of our close relatives or coworkers, that fucker should shutdown the country right this moment.
  8. YCP vallu gelavatam guarantee kabatti, BJP ki Donna votes veyincharu ani doubt. BJP votes count penchi, TDP weak ayyindi ane feeling kosam.
  9. 2014 lo Jagan geliste eepatiki Telangana lo TDP la ayyedi paristiti manadi.
  10. Maree Ghoram. General elections lo em peekutaru?
  11. Evanni chustunte, elections vastune vuntai, Janam YCP ni gelipistune vuntaremo 2024 varaku chivaraki vallake settle ayipotaremo.
  12. oo na actingoooo...Anna chellellu eraga testunnaruga.
  13. Ante state employees ki salaries anni months late avutai or ravu
  14. edi state mottam cheyali only via lone kadu and only kammas meede kadu.