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  1. Oh ok looking at the situation/news ….I do not think he survived….
  2. They are well uneducated emo that’s why they are unable to forecast …..
  3. Veedu makeup vesthe kukka ni kuda vadaladu emo….
  4. Let me talk about BPT price and black grams…earlier if farmer can store it for 4-6 months after crop they could get good price…..and same used to reflect in market too…..which is ok to as farmers are getting something……now no matter what you do farmers are not getting good price but in market they are always in high price…. antha pakoda mahatyam laga vundi….
  5. ఏసేయండి....including toy cycles…..
  6. Eppudu Vizag capital ani lands konukunna batch paristhithi entooo
  7. So to reduce cloth expenses we should quit wearing drawers pakoda naayalu gaadu
  8. Ite enti maaku center lo pakoda support vundi …..okka muta money kottam ante chalu…
  9. This point I did not read but what I read was they want bill to revoked in parliament……
  10. Rajanna clinics vunnayee ga vaatilo high class treatment vundi annaru ga
  11. Asalu govt employees tho pani enti when we have volunteers (without any qualification they are serving people)
  12. And that to against pakoda sab wish
  13. If situation continues like this …..interior villages ki cars main road lo park chesi village loki walk chesi vellatamee
  14. In my opinion it is etela victory and Kcr anti vote….bjp is just an shelter
  15. Vaadi ki vunna dead core batch valla ee matram chaladu brother…..
  16. Vunna janalu kuda lower kada so they wanted low grade batch
  17. Baffas support vunte rating lantivi jujubi brother …..world lone worst rating vachina baffas will support to get loans
  18. Revolt kante …..kazana mottam daanike pettali……
  19. Ante Nov 2022 lopu new regional party in Himachal annamata…..
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