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  1. Yes bro we will see what will happen
  2. Before any media focused on this financial disaster which Jagan was doing,you are the one who picked up this very early and kept posting in this Db bro… 6 months after u started putting threads here,media started reporting. Hats off to u bro
  3. U anti national even if Mosha pisses,it’s for desham and dharmam
  4. Jaffa tried to hit or hit him anta kadha interrogation lo
  5. Yes Chiraaku dobbing to come to db
  6. Deeni gurinchi evari meedha fight
  7. Central govt has to call for tenders.Its a national highway
  8. It will take another 10 years atleast for completion. But good project.
  9. Nallamalla forests ninchi pothundhi road.... Plans is to build tunnels under mountains and forests to preserve the forest lands anukunta
  10. Korea,vallu vasthey gettigaa,Ap thalaraatha maaripothundhi
  11. Daaniki mari 56 inches chest endhuku....Guddi lo mella ani chepukovachu gaa.....uttam purush cuttings endhuku
  12. 2019 lo malla vachi mess chestam...2029 lo u clean again bro.
  13. Dramoji sachipoyi chaala days ayyindhi.....daridrapu L koduku
  14. Ya, without CBN nod,I don't think RK would independently publish these articles. Hmm
  15. Atleast RK has the balls to talk about this this....Dramoji is busy licking Kcr here and Modi there.
  16. He wasn't seeing the costs per se bro...Just telling us how cheap it is.With 200 crs,few thousands crores worth of food grains being produced.
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