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  1. Sad part is people believe this and there is no strong voice from Congress to counter these Jumlas
  2. Janam pittalu laaga raalathantay Desam mundhuku raalaadhu ee daridhrudu Now when the second wave is receding,vachesaadu desam mundhuku Chetta naa duduku
  3. When families refuse to do final rites ofcourse the body is an orphan body
  4. Kaliyugam lo Aswamedha Yaagam laadhu... But oka anaadha pretha ( dead body ) ki samskaaram chesthey Aswameda Yagam chesina punyam mana kathalo paduthundhi ani sacred Hindu texts telling. This guy did this for 330 dead people.
  5. Everyone is equal before law Monna SC lo Rrr bail hearing appudu Rrr lawywe,he is a sitting MP,he was treated like this antay,SC answer everyone is equal before eyes of law.
  6. What was the injection bro? Just curious.... What heart breaking troubles u went through...
  7. Mundaa yedavataanika ninnu pm chesindhi yedava naatakaalu
  8. Yes Each db member may have lost atleast one person they might have known
  9. Eeedi tears drama ki padalaadhu janam....emi drama raa naayana....anuvanuvulooo naya vanchana b odi gaadu
  10. You are under estimating north indian goats foolishness
  11. Pak attacks their well tested strategy which always works and north goats are happy
  12. Emotional drama chesthey all set anukunnadu B odi gaadu Unanimous gaa oosthunnaru janam eedi drama acting ki Big time back fired
  13. India lo official death toll is 3 lakhs till now Minimum 50 Lakhs lesi untaaru
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