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  1. 1. Ego(lost respect) . 2. Money. Before that CID beaten RRR ?
  2. 2k notes vunte mundugane marchukondi. Get some physical money. Em cheptaado?
  3. Chance iste Rape chestademo. Narasimha movie lo Ramakrishna paristite Jagga ki.
  4. For I phone. Enta varaku veltundo teleedu kaani. Anni vaipula nunchi attack chestunnadu.
  5. If some talk favor people are deciding biased.
  6. It's true. In Dubai and some Arab countries are also not accepting.
  7. OK.. But promo interesting ga vundi. Good luck and appreciate your efforts bro.
  8. Promo bagundi. Background editing clear ga ledu. Bomma shake avtnnatlu vundi
  9. Mamata nene 1 hr wait chesanu ani cheptundi.
  10. Normal people can also get this or for the people who are effected with covid and used steroids?
  11. Ame adigina question rrr cheppindi abadham ayite enti? Too much
  12. You are right bro. Alantappudu CBN chetakani vadu anakudadu kada. CBN style marchukovali ani cheppavachu kada.
  13. CBN not allowed violence. Danika chalamandi cbn chetakani vadu antunnaru. Ippudu Stalin cheste good antunnaru.
  14. A video clip of two DMK men removing and throwing away two flex boards embossed with the name and picture of 'Amma' from a state-run canteen in Chennai went viral on Tuesday and they were expelled from the party.
  15. Same CBN cheste chetagani vadu. Other s cheste right foot.
  16. Correct report istaru anukondam ledu. It's crucial kabatti jagga kuda most extend ki velli manipulation cheyataniki try chestadu anukontunna.
  17. Any food restrictions after vaccination?
  18. Today I have appointment for Moderna.
  19. Morning 6 to 10 AM allowed antaa
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