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  1. Ee panchayithi inka close avvalaadha mee employees batch ni oka 4 members ni dimpu Surap vumcle db lo
  2. Good decision, but zero effect on Jagga...another 2 more govt ads and everything is set.
  3. surap bro,endhuku neeku ee mass ragging....light thesuko bro
  4. Antay reality lo employees ki bayankaramaina sympathy wave undha janam lo
  5. Meeru chesay software paniki ikkada monthly 2000 dollars salary usa lo 6000 dollars same work ki ,akkada ekkuva pay vasthey why will people live here?
  6. Neeku corona vachi serious ayitay kaneesam hospital bed guarantee undha second wave lo?
  7. Andukay villlages mana kamma youth hands ninchi vellipoyaayi bro....sad but true....villages lo youth laaka baaga weak ayyipoyaam
  8. 100 percent go there because of lack of good paying jobs here bro and better quality of life too....both are very hard to say no to.....dont know how u resisted the attraction of money and life style
  9. Kamma jaathi antha dabbu venakaala padathantay,nee lanti kammodu kuda untaru ani first time chusthunna
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