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  1. Endhuku vumcle maa N (Naara) hero antay antha hatred meeku.Bless cheyochu gaa
  2. Mahesh Babu gaadu emi chesthey naakendhuku I am NBK fan.
  3. Oka 30 kgs reduce avvali ee Babu to have any decent shot at box office
  4. Like and retweet guys kindly
  5. Sukesh gaadu denni laaginattu unnadu ga appudu cheppaladhey ee pathivratha kaburlu
  6. Most of these scammers are operating from Uttar Pradesh and other North Indian states and targeting South Indian people because they know South Indian people are very naive and are easy targets. We need to be aware and fight back.
  7. We should come to the mindset of not to panic first if similar situation comes. The maximum they can threaten us is with arrest. When we know clearly we are tax paying law abiding citizens,we should not fear any police.
  8. India lo old parents unna Nri s have to be extremely careful
  9. Scammer are rampant bro Just search for Fedex scam or Trai scam on YouTube See how many come
  10. Aa shock lonay 1 day will be over
  11. He is my friends relative.
  12. He lives in Bangalore Suddenly fake police came to his house saying you got a parcel with bomb making materials. They threatened him and took his phone Next day emptied all his accounts
  13. Wish they are strict like this on all other bigger crimes committed like this on a every day basis. Drugs,guns,mugging at gun point
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