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  1. Any chance the attack was staged? With such a close miss,i doubt it was a real assassination attempt and it was not staged.
  2. Manaki edho oodapodaavaali ani kaadhu....i am just celebrating how a humble kamma indian family migrated to usa and now where their daughter has reached. To leave everything in your motherland,going to a foreign country and building your life from scratch is nothing short of a miracle feefee....but its not a miracle,its the sheer human will to establish and prosper....aa pattudala ki hatsoff.
  3. Usha Chilukuri mana Kamma Sodari. Now i shifted my loyalties from Democrasts to Republicans
  4. Congratulations to Trump supporters 100 percent Trump is going to win.
  5. Jaitra

    Polimera 3

    ee erri flower movie ki malla 3 rd part aa
  6. Popcorn thread. Sree Raam evaro Kirru ki day light stars chupisthunnadu
  7. Its a disesase which needs treatment.1 year jail lo petti naalugu theethalu theesthey,disease cure avuthundhi
  8. All the best Mokshu.
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