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  1. B odi gaa,nuvvu entha luchaa vo telugu janam ki eppudoo thelusu... Now nature has made u nude in front of public sad u cannot harass nature with Ed raid or IT raid
  2. Desam kosam Dharmam kosam resign cheyyara b odi gaa
  3. Oka Varanasi Sadhuvu cheputhunnadu Nirvamsi antay Pillalu laani Raju thrown meedha untay desam ki aristam Alagay Up gurinchi,Sanyasi ki Rajyadikaaram laadhu Ee rendu vallay desam ki dusthithi Urgent ga resign cheyyandi iddaru ani
  4. They will have readymade cooked up bhakth propoganda stories sent to their whatsapp....avi ikkada copy paste
  5. Very sad. Andhra ni andharu anaadhani chesi vellipothunnaru... He is one person whose voice had credibility....Andhra is doomed without people like him.
  6. The forces of nature have exposed this Feku to the world. Sad he could not threaten Corona with Ed or IT raid.
  7. Why didn’t he get tested and treated when he is having fever? Did Jaffa stop him?
  8. won t be surprised The entire Jio was their brainchild to control the indian minds