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  1. Visa reddy gaadu kukka chaavu saavaali....waiting for that day....Jaffa gaadi kanna,ee L koduku matladay maatalu ghoram.
  2. If you are not M , u r a kaafir Their books tells them it’s ok to kill the kaafirs and rape their women,they don’t deserve to live. I fail to understand how these goats think those are Gods statements and they have to follow them. if my book told that,my rationale mind tells me to dump that book in the garbage.
  3. sickulars are more dangerous for this country.
  4. appudu Akhila jump kodathadhi yrus ki....vella iddariki padi saavatla
  5. if u have any pdf versions...email me bro....will pm u my email id.
  6. https://samskritabharati.in/state/index?samskrita_bharati=Vm10a01GVXhiRmRTYms1V1lURmFiMVJVU2pSWFJsSllUbFpPVm1KR2JETldSM0JEWVZkS1ZtSkVVbFpXZWtaNlZqSjRZVmRHVWxsaFJscHBVbFJCZUZkVVJtRmtNRFZ5VFZWV2FHVnFRVGs9
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