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***NFDB Charity for Covid - Details Updated

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18 minutes ago, seenu454 said:

Proud of u gomesh dude. Ithanine manam okka magadu release roju NJ lo pillodu madiri chusindi Anne doubt vastha undi .

annaai mingey kavi bhavam reach iyyindhi...


meeku thelisina evaranna mana fans unte cheppandi definite gaa help chedhamu mana db tharupuna....vanakkam.gif

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4 hours ago, God Of Masses said:

Roughly 4.2 lakhs iyyindhi, 5 lakhs iithe close chedhamu fund.  once we are able to donate this we can collect another round if needed.


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thank you all 4.6 lakhs iyyindhi....evarannaa inka last min donation icche plan unte eeroju repatlo chudandi 5 lakhs chesi close chedhamu for now.


details of how we are distributing/donating funds is being discussed here, feel free to give your input


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