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  1. This movie does not have expanded aspect ratio so it'd be better to see it in Dolby Cinema
  2. Mega hero party tho potthulu pettukovachu, Unstoppable show lo butter pooyachu, Stage meeda drama lu veyyochu kaani oka movie chesthe thappu
  3. You can always ask something related to actual Cinema like this guy. Mister, you also need to understand that movies aren't just watched by "fanbases". They're meant for wide consumption. And I see that you have conveniently ignored the irrelevancy situation.
  4. 2 years tarvata sambandam leni event lo India's biggest director ni oka negligible opinion gurinchi adagadama journalism ante? A film can be interpreted differently by different people, annitiki answer chesthara. Controversial questions adigi ventane viral aipovali...
  5. eeyana oka film journalist aa asala? thuu
  6. USA Boxoffice @ 12 PM PST #BhagavanthKesari [Telugu] Saturday reported hourly gross $68k from 243 locations, Loc Avg $281
  7. It will take lead from Sunday, 1st 3 days very avg.
  8. BK ne. Anni kudirithe eeroje $1M touch avtadi, Full run $1.3M ostundi.
  9. Leo tho polisthe ekkuva anipiyyatla kaani USA ne best performing area. UA weakest & Nizam avg. Even east, west better gane unnai.
  10. 12:30 kada 1st show release cheyyaru anukuntunna
  11. namasthe anna, vaallu iddaru kalisi already appy fizz ad chesaru and Kriti Varun Dhawan tho kuda chesindi emi awkward anipiyyaledhe
  12. Nawaab's Gachibowli Mutton Biryani is the latest pick
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