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***NFDB Charity for Covid - Details Updated

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total 8.13 lakhs collected so far with 2.77 lakhs donated for various causes so far



BTDB nunchi kuda following donations occhaayi 


Pokiri1 - 50$ 
Edo_Okati - 50,000 INR 
Andravodu - 100$ 
Medical_Miracle - 50$ 
Kodibochu - 116$ 
Hidden N Fan - Nalla_Balu - 100$ 

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total ~10.60 lakhs collected and ~5.68 lakhs distributed so far



manam evarikoo 30k pampithe, mallaa return pampaaru money saripoyaayi ani.....keeka saami 🙏🙏


inka roughly ~4.9 lakhs undhi fund looo, hard to find leads.  if you know anyone, please feel free to post here.  we will use the remaining as and when needed.  if we are not able to distribute, we will use it for future DB activities, details anni paina spreadsheet loo untaayi.  please tag @prakhyat @Raaz-NTR or me here if you know any leads....

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