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  1. I think ap total debt till date from division arround 6 lakhs cr..
  2. Master stroke..to opposition.. Modi mana దేవుడు..అయిన లేకుంటే అసలు ఇది జరిగేది కాదు
  3. We want gadkari sab as pm..gujju muktha Bharath
  4. Rupay is managed by NCPI . underlays RBI. As of now it has the option for debit card only ..not supports for credit card.. Motham forgien network ki వెళ్లకుండా..indian govt ki velthundi ani aasa..
  5. పెంచినా.. international market standards kantey less vuntundi..ani అనుకుంటున్న.. It's my opinion..
  6. Actually this was started in 2013 .. This won't helpful for end user or customer.. This will helpul for marchent..and also helpfull for banks .. Visa and master cards are charging from 1% to 4% for each transaction . Rupay.charges.from .5% to 1% from marchant. For all domestic transactions,enabling rupay network leads to befints to banks .. Conversion rates 0 impact.. international usage charges also 0 imapct..
  7. This has to be done atleast 10 years back.. Now modi govt has done good job in this aspect. అప్పటిలో private banks ela Market lo దూసుకు పోయాయో..అలానే ..చెయ్యాలి.. Atleast this govt startee this kind of mandatory to psu banks in 2020(as per this thread),but as per my knowledge this decision was taken even before that ..
  8. Saripoyundi..bjp govt provided data..good.. So all forgien settled batch will come back to India..wow modi sab ..keka.
  9. Well well.. congratulations.. Then why still rates are high..inka thaggava.. last 2 years lo జనాల దగ్గర money leka ..private schools dropout ayyu govt schools lo join chesaru..Modi and jaggu started taking credit.. Asalu ekkada పెట్టారో..toys factories..just to know ... Ilanti feeding news entha kalam నమ్మాలో?
  10. Telugu bjp leaders are living legends.. especially somu veera raju
  11. Admin anna..Mee mundu pilla kakulam ..meeru uncle andam anedi..inka pedda blessing annamata.. Meeru inko I'd vastey ..ma lanti valla ki kastamey..
  12. Admin anna ..naku enduku anna ..ee disco lu.. Mission bageeratha..mathram ..it's purely state effort.. Naku 100% true information idea ledu ..
  13. Antey..na kalla mundu..jarigindi..nammakunda..ilanti bjp feeded data ela nammali... Aug 2019 start chesina scheme 2019 dec complete cheyya leru kada .. Kcr start chesina scheme fail avvali ani korukunna..ma inti ki water connection vachaka ika silent ayupoya.. Meeku theliyani vishayam emi antey initi initi ki nalla program ..rural as well as urban .. 2016 lo srisialim velthuntey ..hyd nundi TG -Ap boarder varaku ..pipes vunnayu .. installation stage lo .. So kcr govt reached maximum.. house holds .. Konchem anna ..kalla tho chusina vishayam namma kuda .. par
  14. How I know ....?I can't bluff the people..which I didn't eye witnessed.. My logic ..is ..akkada kcr complete chesina program ki ..meeru etla credit thesukuntaru..2019 end ki initi ki nalla program lo bagam ga most of the TG homes getting water.. I was stayed in miyapur till March 2021.. My apartment..got water connection in 2018 end( after TG election) Ma area lo tg election time lo evaro Jai balayya slogans icharu anta ..hence mla followers created some issues and finally approved
  15. Appudu ..aaa rate ..vundi.. ippudu ee rate vundi..dani lo thappu ledu .. Thakkuva ki ela vachayyo Indonesia..valla ni adagandi.. USD/USD ...Rate ekkuva ..ippudu usd/usd rate thakkuva.. Ayuna Idi antha Nehru kurta ..memu oppukomu..
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