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  1. Irrespective of the party ..can't we judge ourselves.
  2. This is the time .. strengthen ourselves mentally and physically...God blessings with you and take care
  3. In my obervation Order is like.. Males , female,kids. 1. Guys going outside and hook-up with covid, spreading rest of family members.in this case healthy female has more immunity .in my case.. parents effected in 1st wave.. father is fine but mother got serious and recoved well due to poor immunity levels. 2.also in. 1st wave. Herd immunity also played key role..mild symptoms for rest of family members. 3.second wave spreading speed, treatment, immunity.kids and young female recovery is very quick.rest all suffering.didnt sense the herd immunity .
  4. See the confidence..while faking..best actor of the decade...
  5. Yeah...I know ..no one can change lotus followers..but in India many are changed and started scolding Nisani..
  6. Annai..meeru video chudaledu..full ga ..in that video also..same he quoted .. that's why I have posted.. Still you are not believing..as it's govt of India failure.. To save your time just watch from 18:20 ..for same lines
  7. Missing basic point,here..he mentioned many other points along with remdesivir usage when patients are in critical stage. Still I am not believing this information completely.. as there is no proper validation methodology to his viewes. my point is why brurocrats failed to suspect this situation....and why pm busy in elevations.
  8. In this frustrated doctor clearly explained..the difference in the treatment of wave 1 and wave 2. 100% brurocratic failure..they completely surrendered to gujju dueo.. Bhajana bhajan ...erri huks gallu..janala tax amount dobbi thintu..
  9. Play ground madiri.. full batting..with slog sweeping, reverse sweeping....most of the cases you are inspiration in defending
  10. Very few are supporting..most of the people stated scolding.including Nri. Edo flow lo nature support ga vunnapudu.. pakistan,china ..vennu virichadu ani elevations lo ..nettukochadu.. ippudu asalu rangu bayata padindi..most of the people.. realized ..Nisani culprit.