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  1. Yeah.. Kadapa.lo ..90% to ycp.. Nellore and kurnool also stands at position.. Rest of the district is only the hope
  2. Inflation: ఆల్‌టైం గరిష్ఠానికి టోకు ద్రవ్యోల్బణం.. ఏప్రిల్‌లో ఏకంగా 15.08 శాతం https://www.eenadu.net/telugu-news/business/wpi-inflation-at-record-high-of-15.08-percentage-in-april-on-price-rise-across-all-items/0150/522003785
  3. Antey last 8 years lo ..asalu inflation lenatlu..ippudu world motham inflation vunatlu..so dani valla India effect avthunatlu..super covering.. On average .. infliation rate 4+.. Modi control chesaru anta ..wow fantastic.. atleast modi ki anna thelusa.. India lo vundi .. veggies.. groceries konandi thelustundi..last 4 years lo veggies high prices duration ekkuva..
  4. I think party limited him to managalagiri only.... As of now CBN would be cm candidate. Mana lanti valla ki artham kadu.. Still let jagga win 2024 election..
  5. Mana lanti valla kosam ..lokesh ni ..managalagiri key పరిమితం చేశారు
  6. In 2020 itself govt tried..and naranayana escaped with some mercy.. Few more key TDP members arrests would happen ..
  7. It's clear..govt explains.the procedure which followed in this arrest with crooked stories..they are trying to threatening but it would hit back badly
  8. మామూలు accuracy kadu ..he is 90% correct in case of seema
  9. One thing for sure evaru geluchina..నరకం మాత్రం sure
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