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  1. Parakala ..kuda thaggatam ledu.. Vallu taggatam ledu.. Most of them bringing cbn ..when they are fighting with parakala..edo cbn ki TDP ki pedda help chesinatlu...cbn sir always few extra baggage stuff ..to benefitted via his wife minister portfolio..cut chestey..engili kuda vidalcha ledu..still carring parakala weight with TDP
  2. RRR..bale title ichadu.. Sivaji dubbing cheppadu. Eeedu oka pedda hero laga .. janalu ki panchayat chestunnadu..malli vatini YouTube lo uploading.. Rjy mp's....suthivalli,eedu.baley item batch
  3. Yeah..one my friend brother works in that ... before they were Congress.. though Galla family switched the party..some working members didn't join TDP and they are supporting jalaga.. Mainly chandragiri constancy..
  4. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRtwHrRpiwm/?utm_medium=copy_link 2 years back,I have Visited Zimbabwe,just 10 days before of my return, one of my Indian colleague(tamilian) planned a supprise for his Indian girl friend as her painting, for that he given some advance amount in Zim dollors along with her photo and he went after one week to collect that painting..he shocked by seeing that .. End result was...in that painting that girl resemblance like African girl..no match with his Indian girlfriend.. Same way pinky batch ,Africa vani ki icharu anukunta ..statue is
  5. Most of AP people would have relaxed by scolding cbn ..due to him only corona came .. including me also.. Now pycho batch nicely diverting ..it as global problem.. though it's fact.. another hidden fact ..before corona and after corona.. difference was Pyscho jag..so we can give credit to him .
  6. Kula sainiks..were not able to digest..sirio.inability..vadu edo ..living legend laga peeling infact he is living lizard . Recent development was ..started crying.abn RK ,parakala..and finally TDP. This was ignaties by brainless snake bob and Sankara Vankara ..gadu
  7. Last year..we spent 15000 for date of birth certificate..
  8. There is no big difference.. Really major sections people are very happy
  9. This is correct..even I too got some realiable information..if this guy bail got cancelled..how AP people recieves..etc.?
  10. Annai..thumb este..10% extra salary antey veyyara?...okati kadu 100 vestamu antaru.. Yeah I too agreed.. electricity and irrigation , Police.. departments issues vuntayu..still they resolve with helping virtual attendance.. either calling via WhatsApp ..etc.. Still AP people and govt employees are looseres .. chances are very very bleak to get the salaries on time.3 years..inka batting
  11. Jayasudha kuda ilanti situation..ani chepthu vuntaru
  12. Meeru itlaney ..comedy cheyyandi..eppudo okappudu..Akira nanda Babu or Mark shankar pawanovich Babu..evaro okaru cm avtharu..
  13. ..we should prepare for few more attacks as pyscho in power.. Coming to uma ..before 2019 elections itself..few of my friends from his constancy had same feeling..still it's person to person propective . On the whole it's tough time for TDP leaders..enni post petti manam keyboard fighting chesina ..waste of time .. AP people not sensing the pain ..kathi tho kottina vadu new person.. definitely from one day .. downfall starts ..thappadu
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