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  1. Ilanti chetha .. congress.. leaders vunnantha kalam congress dumping yard lo vuntadi..
  2. Yeah..it's alredy done ..this will continue for next 10 years for sure.. Anthuleni.. hatrisam
  3. Power lo vunna vadili..emi kadu ..that to chippidu..dasoham antunnadu kada..ippudu lopala ki pothey daridram evadu anubhavistadu.onkondevudu ayupotlyu..valla ki vunna pichi tho jail lo vundaganey status pedatharu.. Chippidu ni lopala minginappudu..asalu emi theliyani..batch(not his caste nor religion) was scolding cbn..all done by CBN. TDP leaders and activists has to ready few more harrasment incidents...thappadu...
  4. Aaa comments lo okadu..entha vunmadi la argue chestunnado..
  5. He is not such fighting minded person..gone was devotee of pancha batta Reddy..Andhra lo caste intrest tho entha ayuna veltharu..TG batch picha lite..
  6. Hmm..vunmadula.. approach..chala confident ga ..royal ga deal chestaru.. 1.Valla pichi ni janala meeda rudhali ela ayuna. 2.Oka kulam antey anthuleni .. hetrisam.. especially rayalaseema batch baga visham.chimmuthunnaru. 3.Ammo cbn bala padithey....thattukoleru..
  7. AAA gunna enugu vedani..antha sepu ela chustunnaru maha prabho.. Antheyley gadjilla ..gorilla movies hit avthunnaru..
  8. Didi..ni front face pedithey..north batch ki chirru ekki malli eee Modi gadu ki guddude guddude..
  9. It's varies as per region.. In costa-- above info is correct.. especially..2019..more votes polarized against TDP.Before the case was like ..30 to 40 % were with TDP. Mainly from 2008.. conversations are started ..hence more polarized against TDP. Before state division..madiga are with TDP especially in TG.. though the above mentioned incidents were happened. Cbn has to come up with different strategy..to improve vote share in SC and St. My village is small village where 70 votes of ST ,those were strongly opposed to cast their vote to TDP candida
  10. Polavaram..bills declained.. sigguleni medavulu ekkada ..
  11. He is not ycp..it's trs..manchi reddy kishan reddy...flow lo thippatamey... https://youtu.be/UAbo1vYK-I0
  12. Same ...I am also feeling.. recently I visited common man library comments.. and one comment I found as " please do video on kundabaddalu as he is pro cbn and scolded Jr ntr also for the sake of cbn". I was not surprised..vallu dabba lo ..idi enti ra babu anukunna.. Still dbians are feeling he is neutral..fine ..we will see him neutral angle from now
  13. Yeah brother.. neutral ani other party people also should believe....ala.believe chesela.vundali ani.. na feeling. journalists like S'chai,thokapalli,Prof bonkeswar.vellandarni 2019 mundu janalu nammaru..atla vundali ani na vuvacha.
  14. Kunda baddalu gari analysis mind lo ki thesukokudadu...just enjoy as our most positive news ..
  15. Judges ni banda boothulu thittina case lo no progress. Idi anthey..we shouldn't expect much in this case ...chattam thana pani Thanu chusukuntundi(like use)...this means everything under control or within their hands
  16. Yeah..spot on.. labour.. working style got changed and working hours also got changed.. former Has to bare traveling expenditure..etc. I was shocked about the expenditure which was spent for one acer red mirichi plucking... arround 1.1 lakhs to 1.25 lakhs..this only for labour ..not other expenditures.. Luckily this year mirichi has good rate it seems ..
  17. Tokapalli also in same list.. Vella.ki antha kasi ento maha prabho..Rome Nagaram thagalapaduthunna pidel vayusrunnavu ..sannasi batch
  18. This guy dead against to TDP ....he hates TDP to core .He also exactly like tokapalli
  19. Bjp definitely..will help this mad man.. BJP won't do any acts which is gaining to TDP.... bjp central leaders are worest..where as local leaders are more croocks..This mad man will 100% support to central in all aspects.. including in rajyasabha..bjp required this assistance from ycp..in return,BONDAM will help to abort the cancellation of bail process. So no day dreams.. RRR aware of this and output is, RRR became more famous than earlier.. purpose served. Will hear some buzz on this for few days ..abn and TV5 viewership bit increased..in this masala.. situation
  20. Yeah..I am withdrawing my words..as usual..it's faking scheme..they will pay premium from pm cares. Actual benefit only after they crossed 18 years ..wow amazing..man.. Eeedu pm enti ra babu...dappu kottukovatam thappa emi ledu..sannasi gadi ki
  21. Still .. something is better than nothing.. atleast..valla north lo kids ki help ayuna better .. Ee faku pm ..ni 7 years chusamu..atleast kids ki help antey we should appricite when it delivered and served..unlike ap ki special status..20lakh crores janala.ki panchram lantivi kakunda
  22. Irrespective of real or fake numbers..if parent less kids are being tagged this program..that's enough as serving the purpose
  23. This is really good move ..as we knew that many kids lost their parents due to corona..even many IT employees also lost their lives and literally they were on road ..by spending all their hard earning money for corona treatment. Sincere request to govt of India.. politics aside and this kind of assistance should be reached each every kids who were lost their parents. Just now I read in Eenadu..govt planned for kids future as well.
  24. Good.. Between..chiru pans are worrying about abn not coverage of chiru 10crs spent for oxygen cylinder supply in both States..as usual crying..
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