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Bear Grylls with Modi

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2 hours ago, ravindras said:

congrats modi . you are going to rule india for 20 years and visit all countries in the world.  don't try to fool animals like our country people . animals are very good at assessing person .

Modi inko Okka term ee rule chesedhi.. Adhi kuda Zamili elections 2022 lo vasthene.. next Amit Shah will be the Prime Minister.

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31 minutes ago, Rajesh_NBK said:

Modi 2.0 Chala worse..nsitaraman worst fm ever..middle class money mottham Govinda in mutual funds stocks etc..new companies ni taxes ani cheppi torturing..ilane unte next time kastam..konchem manchi leader unna bagundedi Congress lo

They know how to win. Be it targeted EVM management or raising nationalism sentiment 

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