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  1. Jagan and Sharmila always together..They fooled ABN and gave Max publicity to her…
  2. Entraaa edava…Sharmila against Jagan aaa…Nuvvu nee pakodi analysis..This guy worked in ABN ..now may be a PayTM but whatever he says could be true…
  3. waste poitics abd election..CBN is my concern 😢
  4. Worst part is Kallam…CBN did blunder with this guy..
  5. https://easyupload.io/y9cotf pakka DB lo choosa… look at page-20
  6. Money was trasfered to PA of CBN and he is absconding
  7. Till now no one in DB looked into remand report and what Jagan planned..He is miles ahead of TDP…
  8. Ilaanti feedbacks TDP ki paniki raavu bro…sorru to say this…Leader out dated and living in illusion and made same mistakes as Jagan…Jagan upgraded and CBN akkade vundipoyaadu…
  9. To: TDP Fans & Pro Media Nothing will happen. Focusing on this matter too much is waste of time. One fine day CBI will announce all Jagan and Co. Avinash etc. are innocent. And will try to portray you as fools. If people of AP use common sense they can easily understand… AP is now only power game…No body can change the fate considering the debts taken by Jaffa govt.. Try to move on and focus on your personal life..
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