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  1. Veedu + KS prasad kalsi oka paytm YT channel open chesaaru…24/7 tdp meeda eduathaa vuntaaru..
  2. Base is Jagan influence inka emi ardam kaavali..
  3. vaadu sameera gvl pothene valla party ki life..eppudu ardam chesukontaaroo…
  4. One way it is good. People will understand BJP nature and politics and vote for TDP. Educated has good understanding of what is going on..We just need aggressive campaigning for uneducated.
  5. We dont know who are left over covert. But main batch gone and they will come for MLC demands..
  6. BJP ki evadu esthaadu bro..you are calculating mejorities..when strong candidate lost ticket most party votes goes to opposite MP..
  7. exactly. Never seen this level of low politics...poti chese vallakina siggu vundaali gaa..state leader ki kuda mind ledu…she is damaging her own MP seat..
  8. Vallaki bayam emiledu..YCP win or their Win both are same for them… Inka emi pending Rjy city / rural? One more seat?
  9. I guess Most of the voters already decided their voting..only few neutral in some areas can make changes based on wave…If we focus on our seats and leave those BJP with out deviating unnecessary things we should be good.
  10. Now less chances with Ananparthi change..
  11. Now the adjustments are mostly impossible..dont expect miracles in seat adjustments with BJP. we need to fight for our seats aggressively…forget rest..
  12. Loosers game..they took seats to loose except 2-3 …vella seats govt formation ki count kooda chesukokandi…
  13. In your list first 3 already announced at least partially anukunta..
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