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gali janardhana reddy want to become cm

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26 minutes ago, Siddhugwotham said:

What's wrong in it? It's only possible in BJP

perfect, jagan reddy "cracked the secret on how to use corruption to be in power"... he must have shared some of that with his friend

let KA people also learn, they already love BJP a lot...

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31 minutes ago, akuna matata said:

Last time when i was in Hampi Janardhan reddy gadiki baane fans unnaru 

Vallu annaru after lifting ban he is going to be cm candidate 

 Vallani fans anakodademo….. Goons anali….. vedhava ni vedhava anakapothe manalni vedhavalni chesthaaru….

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6 hours ago, gnk@vja said:

Modi lanti vadu unte dawood kuda CM avuthadu India lo .

Ee bjp batch entha daridrulu ante dawood and terrorists  groups tho kuda understanding ki vache rakam but bayataki matram vere coloring istharu 

Andulo doubt yemundi...Gujju leadership ante alaane vuntundi. 

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