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  1. BJP nundi win anedhi impossible his only chances TDP or Independent(With TDP support)
  2. Gokaraju Rangaraju (Gokaraju gangaraju son) GVSK Bhanu (Retired IAS) Venkat reddy(Revanth reddy viyyankudu) Mugguru ni consider chesthunnaru, list lo okallu final ayye chance
  3. Naaku info unna one survey report Present day election jariguthe Narsapuram lo YCP above 50k majority tho win avthundhi
  4. It was all about business interests in the beginning RRR spent lot of money for elections, okka contract kuda ivvale and moreover appointment kuda ivvale It turned into ego clashes, now it took Amaravati turn Asalu RRR heavy loss lo unnadu Tamil Basu nundi and Telangana nundi okka rupai kuda raatle business amount, motham block aypoyay Until someone funds him, it will be hard for him to spend in elections
  5. Resign or disqualification renditlo okati confirm laga undhi
  6. Independent ga aythe kachitamga poti cheyyanu- RRR in Tv9 99% BJP
  7. It will be loss to TDP, Split avuthay votes
  8. Resign ani vasthundhi SM lo BJP nundi by elections ki velthadu ani BJP+JS+TDP Fair chances untay chaala
  9. venkatram reddy image build up baga cheskuntunnadu, not sure how far it will help him in elections
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