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పట్టిసీమ ఫలం... దివిసీమ ఇప్పుడు సిరులసీమ...     దివి సీమ... కృష్ణా డెల్టాలోనే చిట్టచివారి ఆయకట్టు ప్రాంతం అయినా, ఈ పేరు వినగానే ఎవరి

On 6/25/2018 at 8:10 AM, sonykongara said:


What happens in future when Polavaram is completed, if Polavaram water is below the Canals full supply level and we get flows like this, don't we still use pattiseema lifts when the water is released to polavaram downstream?

If this scenario replicates, then pattiseema cannot be considered as the temporary project. But the opposition succeeded in highlighting Pattiseema as temporary project. Why don't  we counter it?




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23 hours ago, Uravakonda said:

pattiseema water pumping aapesthunnam annaru kada? malli enti idhi?

Excellent management ani cheppali. Next 10 days forecast choosi on chesi padesaaru

lekapothe 3 days ibbandi padalsi vachhedi. asale initial peak demand time

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