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  1. Yes, they will remove the pension and also the name from the voters list. The PK team are constantly monitoring and giving the feedback to Ysrcp. It is not easy to remove pro tdp votes with center backing and they did in 2019...
  2. Do you think, they will still have votes?
  3. https://m.eenadu.net/districts/latestnews/Visakhapatnam/11/121181170
  4. Technically, how is this possible. Bangalore to pulivendula is around 200 kms, and from pulivendula to vijayawada will be around 400 kms..
  5. Is there any other leader like GBC in TDP, who doesn't have corruption charges, forms groups, criminal charges, been party from the beginning and won 6 times as MLA? EVEN CBN?
  6. Strategy doesnt matter, when the Mla's are closer to the people. In 2014 he was moved to rural where there are many Kapu votes, still he managed to win. Despite of YCP's storming victory and Janasana, he managed to win in 2019. What else he has to prove. Self respect is important, CBN has ego issues with GBC as he is NTR's man. But, CBN should atleast give respect to GBC role in the party and pave a way for clean exit. Not taking calls is stupidity to the core.
  7. TG never had Solar parks on Large scale. they have it in small areas, but distributed ...
  8. https://www.silversea.com/destinations/asia-cruise/chennai-to-yangon-9904.html
  9. How will they send iron through pipe line?
  10. Have been eagerly waiting for this...but disappointed.. These things happen when the officers don't understand the vision. Lokesh should have taken the full control over it.
  11. Gurudwara to kommadi 30.38 kms???? Gajuwaka?
  12. Heard Mahabaleshwar was also having constant rains. Is it true?
  13. Balimela and machkund water levels going up. http://www.dowrorissa.gov.in/Flood/ReservoirGraph.htm
  14. Seems like Almatti will also have some inflows.
  15. pattiseema lekapothe manam jumpega...opposition ekki digedi..
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