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  1. ఎవరూ మోస పోలేదు. చిప్ప కూడు గాడిని అడ్డం పెట్టుకొని కొందరు రాష్ట్రాన్ని మోసం చేద్దాం అనుకున్నారు. కొందరు అసలు వాస్తవికతనే మోసం చేద్దాం అనుకున్నారు.
  2. ఎలాగూ "మోయలేని భారం" లా తయారు అయ్యారు. ఒక 40% అవుట్ సోర్స్ చేసేస్తే పోయిద్ది జఫ్ఫా గాడు.
  3. Employees ki teleeda CPS raddu jaragani pani ani. I think they knew it very well. But they needed a rallying, uniting factor. CPS okati dorikindi. Actual target is different. No work pressure, no meetings, no attendance, freedom from ACB, timely PRC's, DA's, IR's --- Just like in a dream
  4. Coffer dam ayipothe, there will be a chance to send water to krishna upto Sankranti
  5. Another year draws to a close, and into the history books. 90 TMC. Saahoooo Godavari uplands very very early plantings 48 varaku vachhindi yield. Godavari delta average 38-40 Krishna delta will beat Godavari delta this time in yield
  6. MP gari company ki ippinchandi contract Kaliyugam mugise varaku kadutoone untaru
  7. Ha..ha.... This will be like the MSP scheme for agriculture. They will set the prices, but blame the states for their failures. Aarogya sri is far better AP should reject this Ayushman BS
  8. TDP leaders should do the same. Reject the Ayushaman name and ask them to support aarogya sri. Throw some mud and muck on Modi. Allege undue favors for adani and ambani in the proposed private clinics.
  9. Ooooh positive anomalies in Srisailam and somasila catchment.
  10. Excellent management ani cheppali. Next 10 days forecast choosi on chesi padesaaru lekapothe 3 days ibbandi padalsi vachhedi. asale initial peak demand time
  11. Lift avutundi emo 15th ki Summer lo aite November ki teesukostam to Nuziveedu area ane vaadu gaa Uma. Chintalapudi area land acquisition - big problem
  12. I think lifting from RMC at guddigudem is temporary. Original design vere anukunta. But not sure
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