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  1. anthaa kadu. I remember that was only about bit of land on TG side near Srisailam dam . actually that small piece of land is important because of left bank hydro power station ?
  2. idemi argument? Egypt lo Nile river catchment area 5% kuda vundadu. but most of the water is utilized by them. catchment area kadu chusedi, whoever was using first gets priority over newly developed lands.
  3. ante West Godavari(534), Krishna (520, 521) and Guntur (522) aa?
  4. if water situation is bad they can re-use most of the water.
  5. iron ore is mixed with water and send through pipeline. at destination they remove water. It is already used in many places including Chattisgarh to Vizag by Essar Steel.
  6. eedu erra towel medalo vesukuni roju maoistu la & Che Guevara bhajana chestu vunte baaga vastaru industrialists lu AP ki.
  7. asalu emi annado rayakunda enti eedi sollu. website lo rayataaniki veelupadani language aa?
  8. meters ye. 502 km x 100m wide == 12404 acres. mari 25000 acre land acquisition enduko.
  9. సంధానం సాకారం! 16-11-2018 02:25:54 అనంత-అమరావతి ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ వే అలైన్‌మెంట్‌కు కేంద్రం ఆమోదం రోడ్డు వెడల్పు 100 మీటర్లు 4 వరుసల గ్రీన్‌ఫీల్డ్‌ రహదారి సీఎం ప్రతిపాదనకు అంగీకారం కేంద్రం నుంచి చల్లటి కబురు 25 వేల ఎకరాలు అవసరం 2013 చట్టం మేరకే భూసేకరణ అమరావతి, నవంబరు 15 (ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి): ఎలాంటి వంపులు, మలుపులు లేకుండా అనంతపురం-అమరావతి జాతీయ రహదారిని నిర్మించాలన్న ముఖ్యమంత్రి చంద్రబాబు ప్రతిపాదనకు కేంద్ర రోడ్డు రవాణా, జాతీయ రహదారుల శాఖ
  10. title ki matter ki sync avvatam ledu ga. aid, help, support ...etc antade kani Sony emaina invest chestunda leda aa vishayam ledu ga.
  11. vere thread yesaru le ninna baffas. you missed that thread?
  12. This canal was built specially for goods transport. deeniki funds ivvakunda endi eedu peekundi. akkadekkado button nokkadani ikkada sankalu guddukuntunnaru
  13. yeah, adi correcte. manollu mom and pop stores peddaga tax lu kattaru.
  14. you mean Srisailam? Sagar including Right canal is in TG control. We can't do anything other than begging toothless Krishna River Management Board.
  15. 2001 lekkala prakaram division cheste settlers ekkuva ga vunna Hyderabad, RR lo seats takkuva perugutaayi.
  16. you realize, one side of Pulichintala is TG right? ala kakunda Guntur district lo nuchi teesukellali ante, you would need tunnels to reach pulichintala.
  17. G+7 would be taller than the tower 1, so it can't be. my guess is both parts of the tower 2 are G+6 of which 2 floors are under ground. above ground it would be same as old tower.
  18. second "tower" is actually two parts/buildings adjacent to each other. one of them G+4 complete, second part, basement work is going on.
  19. no, there is no confusion. I am not advocating/worried existing delta would loose its share. point I am trying to make is 60 TMC diversion is not possible(with existing capacity and resources). numbers are not adding up. these type of hyped up calculations would leave NS right canal farmers dry in the middle of their crop season. we can not simply add 25 days of pattiseema to the 40 TMC overflow at barrage as they both happen at the same time.
  20. Prakasam barrage discharge capacity is close to 17k (krishna east and west delta canals combined). yes, antha oke sari release cheyyalsina pani ledu (west delta starts late), kani enni swtiching/staggered method lo chesukunna pattiseema is not enough for existing delta. why do you think polavaram right canal is designed for 11.5k capacity?
  21. Kommamuru/buckingham canal alone need minimum 6k to reach parchur area. krishna east delta natlu ayipoyi demand taggindi anukunna (from 8k to 3-4k), pattiseema water is barely enough for existing delta throughout its 100 days. this year maa narumadi endipoyindi (guntur dist) (we are in the middle of the delta), maa attayya valla natu vesina polam (krishn dst) almost dead ayyindi. pulichintala dead storage lo vunna 0.5 TMC ni vadili krishna east delta ni save chesaru. mabbulni chusi kunda valaka posukune panulu cheste chivariki loss ayyedi janam bad ayyedi govt.
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