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  1. avi storm drain ki, dantlo entha pressure vuntundi. they are fine.
  2. anthaa kadu. I remember that was only about bit of land on TG side near Srisailam dam . actually that small piece of land is important because of left bank hydro power station ?
  3. idemi argument? Egypt lo Nile river catchment area 5% kuda vundadu. but most of the water is utilized by them. catchment area kadu chusedi, whoever was using first gets priority over newly developed lands.
  4. ante West Godavari(534), Krishna (520, 521) and Guntur (522) aa?
  5. endi idi intha gandaragolam ga vundi
  6. if water situation is bad they can re-use most of the water.
  7. iron ore is mixed with water and send through pipeline. at destination they remove water. It is already used in many places including Chattisgarh to Vizag by Essar Steel.
  8. it is going to be tallest "office" building. residential vi veeti kante tall vi already vunnayi.
  9. CM camp office (Vijayawada) lo start avutundi ani CBN chepparu at foundation ceremony.
  10. Jan 15 th no chance bro. last week varaku asalu centering e remove cheyyaledu. electrical, plumbing, insulation, furniture work ...etc 4 weeks lo ayipotunda.
  11. most likely finish avvadu. oka vela finish chesarante, temporary secretariat lo water leaks lanti episodes ikkada kuda repeat avutayi. I don't think any body believes CBN's finish targets any more. Even Judges set Mid April as starting day. They never bought these Dec 15/Dec 30/Jan 15 deadlines.
  12. eedu erra towel medalo vesukuni roju maoistu la & Che Guevara bhajana chestu vunte baaga vastaru industrialists lu AP ki.
  13. yeah, correcte. I forgot. adi NH project kada.
  14. build Kaza bypass at least up to the river. deeniki land acquisition eppudo complete ayyindi ga. that way half of the state has easy access to the capital.
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