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  1. yes I stay in Nizampet/Pragathi nagar border - Madhuranagar Andhrites feeling bad of AP situaiton........kadupu mandhipothundhi........one way we feel lucky enough for state division
  2. During Congress rule it was termed as Rubber Stamps in Sealed cover from Delhi .....Now it's good for State & Country https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/gujarat-chief-minister-vijay-rupani-resigns-2537411#pfrom=home-ndtv_topscroll New Delhi: Vijay Rupani resigned as Chief Minister of Gujarat on Saturday evening in an unexpected move ahead of elections in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state late next year. In the 2017 election the BJP claimed 99 of the state's 182 Assembly seats - down 17 from 2012. The Congress won 77 seats - up 16 from the last polls. It is uncle
  3. What Bhakths are trying to establish with Afghanisthan stories?? Are Bhakths trying to showcase that - India is safe only because of Modi ? Is India like Afghanisthan prior to 2014?? Are they trying to show India in bad light till 2014 for the sake of showcasing the Modi above India - Peaks of Fanaticism Where does these bhakths born and brought up till 2014? not in India or in some Alien space??? Are the Afghan Taiban stories in social media are by Afghan media or Foreign media or Right media or Liberal media or US sponsored media or China sponsored media or Left media or Russi
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