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  1. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF COMMERECE & INDUSTRY DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL POLICY & PROMOTION LOKSABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO. 1434 (March 15th 2018) Union Minister of Commerece & Industry Response to YCP MP YV SubbaReddy question on the MoUs realization for Jobs and Investemnts in AP from 2014 to 2018
  2. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO. 1863 TO BE ANSWERED ON AUGUST 01, 2017 / SHRAVANA 10, 1939 (SAKA) MOUS SIGNED BETWEEN STATES AND DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES 1863: SHRI V. VIJAYASAI REDDY Will the Minister of FINANCE be pleased to state: (a) whether Government keeps track of MoUs signed by various States with various domestic and international companies during investor summits organized by them; (b) if so, the details of such MoUs entered into by States, including Andhra Pradesh and Tela
  3. The Congress is poised to emerge as the single-largest party in Karnataka but could fall short of full majority by more than a dozen seats. Karvy projects the Congress will bag between 90 and 101 seats in a 224-seat Assembly. The Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to finish second with 78-86 seats, which is 30-odd seats short of what is required to form a government in Karnataka. Deve Gowda's Janata Dal (Secular) or JD (S) could emerge as the kingmaker in Karnataka. Karvy projects the JD (S) could bag 34-43 seats in Karnataka. Both the Congress and the BJP will need the JD(S)'s suppo
  4. North lo Sweets, Dairy (Lassi, Milk, cream, butter, panner, ) consumption very high Wheat consumption very high But they consume less NonVeg and more Leafy vegetables, potato, tomato, etc., Less conusmption of Rice and Coconut
  5. ee Survey lo Others ki opinion yela sekarincharu.? Surveys lo Ruling and key Opposition parties ne consider chestharu........Candidates list finale ayinattu ee others yenti?? and survey sample is extrapolated to 100% voting criteria instead of taking last 2 elections avg turnout. Ex: Others ki Paderu 16k!, Payakaraopeta 7k anta! For Gajuwaka, survey shwoing 1 lakh plus votes to Janasena as if Pavan is going to contest again. Janasena votes are around 10-15k in rural seats and around 20-30k in urban seats
  6. Key Factors causing downslide in CM Rating Autocratic Rule 3 Capitals Issue Govt Employees - Delay in Salaries & Pensions, Not suspending CPS Torture for Teachers in all aspects New Taxes Hike in Power and RTC Tariffs Huge Debt Trap and Mortgage of Govt Assets Funds Deficit to Local bodies. No Development & No new Jobs in any sector No Infra Maintenance - Roads, Irrigation projects, bunds, etc., Sand policy hitting Unorganized sector Farmers Issues - Supporting price issue, Paddy buying policy, Aqua policy, price
  7. #MoodOfTheNation : CMs Rating wtihin their own States 16% Dip is Huge!! - Steep Downfall in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy rating as CM from 56% (2022 Aug) to 39%(2023 Jan). YS Jagan Mohan Reddy rating as CM dipped from 56% (2022 Aug) to 39%(2023 Jan) Kejriwal, Yogi, Shivaraj, Bhupendra ratings improved from 2022 Aug Naveen Patnaik tops with 73% Rating for 2nd consectuive year https://twitter.com/GiriTapas/status/1618987763633909761/photo/1
  8. Mood Of The Nation 2023: The Definitive Modi Report Card | Where Has Modi Made His Mega Mark? | Live - YouTube AP LS Seats Projection for TDP timeline - t=5567s LS Seats Projection for TDP - This projection is without any alliance. 2019 GenEection Result- 0 (wrongly mentioned) - 3 2022 Aug survey -7 2023 Jan survey - 10
  9. #MoodOfTheNation - Andhra Pradesh MP Seats LS Seats Projection - This projection is without any alliance. 2019 GenEection Result- 0 (wrongly mentioned) - 3 2022 Aug survey -7 2023 Jan survey - 10 https://twitter.com/satish_Tdp/status/1618661317753323520/photo/1
  10. #MoodOfTheNation - Andhra Pradesh MP Seats LS Seats Projection - It is mentioned as 0 for Tdp in 2019, which is wrong. This projection is without any alliance.
  11. #MoodOfTheNation Best suited to lead opposition: Kejriwal - 24% Mamata - 20% Rahul Gandhi - 13%
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