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  1. Both CBN and Lokesh lacks Emotion in their face, body lang, speeches Pavan kalyan Emotion peaks......but no results
  2. Chandru Article in Hindu - Anti Amaravathi campaign https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FGSep8HVQAUm673?format=jpg&name= large
  3. "Nammina Govt Employees ki VENNUPOTU podichina Jaglak" - Take this slogan if we want to win their vote in our favour Otherwise Govt employees ni namaddu..Jaglak chethilo baaga D theerindhi ani enjoy cheyadame And CBN should not promise anything extra penny/scheme for elections. Constitution follow avuthu Time ki jeethalu istha, Law & order maintain chesthye , ippudu unna Sand & Liquor policies ban chesi old policy restore chestha, Poor upliftment ki Welfare continue chestha, Irrigation & Infra ki top priority istha and thereby Jobs & pani kalpinchadaniki sincere
  4. no worries as long as care takers MoliSha are there
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