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  1. CBN should retire from politics and should focus on Heritage or some other business. He should enjoy rest of his life with his family. AP people don't deserve him and I don't think they will realize either what they are missing. I would like to see him posting his vacation pics, when the state is going bonkers..
  2. They will also remove votes. Ipac and volunteer system is to identify and remove the non ysrcp votes..
  3. Whats wrong? China has 205GW of solar power generation and top in wind power. It has also has highest number of EV sales. Despite being a factory to the world, atleast they are taking some measures.
  4. TG never had Solar parks on Large scale. they have it in small areas, but distributed ...
  5. https://www.silversea.com/destinations/asia-cruise/chennai-to-yangon-9904.html
  6. How will they send iron through pipe line?
  7. Have been eagerly waiting for this...but disappointed.. These things happen when the officers don't understand the vision. Lokesh should have taken the full control over it.
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