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  1. already 2.6 lakhs cusecs flow undi ga may be double avochu emo
  2. srisailam fill aye chances bane unayi ga inka sagar god knows
  3. Kurnool ==> Yemmiganur ==> Banavasi==> 140.25 mm rainfall today
  4. Please kanipakam-tirupati road very narrow asalu cab lo velte bayam vesinidi deni 4 line cheyandi
  5. 2 ways try chesthe better 1. buckingham canal 2. New canals buckingham canal already undi dani extend chestunaru use that in middle oka pumping station petti try cheyandi elago it passes through nellore oka sari chudandi already una way tho low cost tho pampochu water ni inka 2nd option canals tavadam and pumping ki it takes time in the mean while try the 1st route appudu telustundi
  6. May be adi central project inka not yet completed inka money ravali canal vi dani touch chesthe bjp will do disco as we need to consrtuct flyovers are also not yet completed Inko canal ayithene better flood canal anochu dani valla no state can ask us
  7. Use buckingham canal also which passes through nellore already una dani reverse pumping cheyali somasila down lo oka check dam kattali and buckingham canal water ni andiloki divert cheyali
  8. Yeleru 24 tmc i think after polavaram completes we need to maintain 24tmc for 300 days atleast appudu chala use
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