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  1. Good point He and beneficiaries are in soup. Kattali , kattakapothe thisestadu. Edu kattadu kattaled Vallu katte scene ledu .... Interesting move to watch. TDP counter argument anthaga vellaledu janalloki How we constructed on time and we are not responsible for cases
  2. Govt 3 options ichindi earlier now only one option to beneficiaries Build with your money we pay later. No one is accepting it Cunning ycp filed case in High court to push blame on TDP . Like this he failed two three segments miserably
  3. Just sample He thought Housing colonies would fetch him good vote share in next elections. Like 30L * 3 votes veskunna 90L votes E progrm utter me butter aindi Reasons Previous govt Contractors ki pending bills apesadu ... Ycp expect cheyaledu housing projects ki contactors raru ani Commodity prices surge Cement copper iron manpower almost double cost aindi Harshand mehata 1993 lo techinattu Loans easy ga techeyachu anukunnaru silent ga , TDP did good job in exposing Total ga project flop now
  4. Tuglaq situation is worst , disaster Numbers cheppanu gani, it's too early He was having good support in few groups those are completely against him. Vallu too much apppulu chesi bandi lagudam anukunnaru God script verela rasadu
  5. After long time.vacha db ki Taking break again bro
  6. Antha monitoring teams Manaki levu Evadi vade Don in our party Ycp lo ala kadu , chala teams purposeful ga full time working on feedbacks, impact, speech writing, event planning.
  7. How careful ycp and their team eg Recent employees meeting Live lo undagane sajjala called and trying to threaten them and held an immediate meeting Warnings or console who cares about it But incident subdued quickly. Manam chuste ela
  8. That was blunder in last tenure. Caste angle valla 20-30 seats poi untai Like Tanuku vijayawada central machilipatnam kkd rural Cheppukuni waste when problem again again repeating
  9. IPAC strategies telisi AP youth eppuduppude slow ga relalizing facts. E incident again instigated problem. Buradalo xxxx Manchu family, lagesaru IPAC always coming with brand new strategies
  10. My prediction is AP elections in 2023 June around Agreement could be BJP help in all possible ways to YCP to retain power And YCP to handover 25 MPs to center in 2024
  11. 60L TDP karyakartalu ground level lo pranam pedutunnaru Amalapuram to America e profession lo unna party patla dedication and respect tho work chestaru Epani chese tappudu bala Krishna garu party meda impact enthavaraku alochincharo god ke teliyali Gopichand yagnam movie climax lo oka scene untadi , cannot say more than this Covert ani blame chestaru
  12. bro i am sorry the defeat of mahakutami 

    just to remind .... me bet covering ki vere chota mahakutami pai vesa ... two sides irukkunna 

    me istam bro entha evvagaligite antha evvandi 

  13. NSE BSE backup data centers (planning undi ) or edo oka stock exchange tegaligite .... Vizag ni no one can stop for next 20 years ....
  14. bro alanti vallani evaru marchaleru .........leave them ..........emka manaki 1 year kuda ledu .......patavi vadilesi manam eka next approach plan ela ani ........ but alanti valliki entha cheppina buddiradu.............. oka pedda jaffa train vesukoni ..........mega allu bros tega pracharam chesaru but last anni tukku tukkku even pavan craze veru votes veru ......adi evariki sadyam kadu ........ adi okka sr ntr ke .......... eka no disco on this ........good night
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