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  1. Project chairman - premachandra reddy approver - ajay kallam finance secretary - pv ramesh ni arrest cheste noppi telustadi IAS ki jagannana ni side undi gothulu thisete ela untado ani ---- same scene vote for note lo jarigindi KCR compromised just because AP govt tried to arrest TS home secretary Rajiv trivaedi ekkada jagan ni kottalem, supporters ni noppi teliste jagan ki evvadu support cheyadu
  2. Timeline of events chuste YCP favored journalist tho oka fake new article latter rapinchi IT notice meda slow ga TV9 NTV lo edo aipotunnatu discussions pettinchi mood create ayyaka , Skill development scam lo arrested remand report lo major reasons mentioned are finance secretary and other IAS officers tho CBN forcefully ga fund release chepinchadu ani PV Ramesh and Ajay kallam notes files lo mention chesaru ani xerox copy showing and same file missing ani evidence subcontractors GST kattaledu computer and software equipment so total ga training jaragaledu ani evidence skill development director related to simens employee so all this is planned by cbn ani rasaru evidence of transfer of fund to cbn ? no evidence of transfer of fund to pa srinivas ? no misuse ainattu evidence ? no 140 witness mentioned chesaru not sure who they are what hey said. HG or SC lo bail vastadi fasle case but as 409 is accepted bail may get delayed, tuglak just self satisfaction with fake evidence nijam teliselopu jail aipoddi they referred chidambaram case in court , where chidambaram son clearly caught with crores of rupees in bank here nothing
  3. Skill Development : 3,800,000 + students between 14-19 trained on Amazon aws, Java, electronics design 85,000 jobs hiring done 120 cr tho 6 major centers established in AP already 6 states lo siemens had partnerships and in AP it is called scam. edi kuda public ki cheppukolekapothe rangeskoni cinemalu, media mundu edupulu edavadam better sorry words are harsh, yet we are doing best to state and same time respect rakapoga kulam perutho dengulutindam tappa emi use cadre i explained case to 10-15 people 100% convinced why party leadership could not take it to public we should retrospect
  4. long story short CBN should retire from main stream focus Party should encourage courageous new young blood from different castes as leadership not 60+ politburo doods aggressive actions on officers is much need , no fear on us a all these are much required to run party ledante PK MG better for votes
  5. coming to TDP * TDP is not understanding public mindset , honestly 2014-2019 TDP gave best in the country but miserably failed to Convery people . assalu AP public emi expect chestunnaro nothing they know capital management, polavaram, anni they failed to get feedback on how people perception on individual items. public e ideology tho unnaro 0 inputs. * jagan UK lo unna here ayana teams perfectly executed plans every stage lo vallaki team unnai , fully organized and fully trained right from SM, youtube channels, mainstream media , lawyers, police team. manaki painundi kinda daka CBN , lokesh is still growing , lot more to grow. * Party lo social engineering is at lowest level konni castes lo 0 representation, entha sepu already develop ainollakosam chuddame tappa assalu develop chesi leader almost nill yesterday - nellore lo kotamreddy intiki two CIs and bunch of police vaste okka arupu tho he is able to send them back okka original TDP leader ledu who can command police like that vallu humans bayapedithe padatharu .... muskoni vellipoyaru ......... Uttarandra , sourth seema lo MLC won because of young leadership not with our old baggage
  6. for any political party change is inevitable and important or else mammoth and greatest parties anukunna parties survival kosam untai few are on extinct * CPI CPM together CPI in 1950,60,70 daka second place later public and society socialism to capitalism transform awtunna ignored ..... result is both driving towards extinction. * AIDMK in TN is much stronger than DMK chennai (north) to south( kanyakumari) east ( cuddalore) to west ( coimbottore) its has cadre but only name jayalalitha heard in the party alltime, once person caused whole party to collapse. *MH SivaSena / RJD / SP / almost dead anukunna parties survived , raised to the top level now Siva sena - Aditya thakare RJD - Tejasvi yadav SP - Akhilesh yadav all three party leadership complete ga takevoer cheskoni last elections lo best performance chupicharu i personally monitored them 100+ meeting pettaru .... win or lose they gave their best
  7. Center lo congress vaste KCR or BRS wont survive even one day
  8. BJP wont easily leave PK to join TDP Huge pressure untadi He is in worst situation Papam TDP tho velte 0 IQ sainiks feel awtharu BJP tho velte CM kadu kada MLA kuda avvaniyadu jagan Karma 😄
  9. Enabokka ledu CBN 2024 neggagane Anni marchipothadu Noppi ani feeling Ela untado YCP kalalokuda telidu CBN gundello sleeping 14-19
  10. This time I feel 90% votes goes to TDP Never before Anger peaks lo undi They are thinking CBN will give again 43% fitment Age limit increase chesi, health cards ichi , 43% prc iste CBN ni erripoo chesaru
  11. Power valladi kabatti koddiga cleaver ga chesi undalsindi Cases demoralizs cadre
  12. Cases gattiga pettaranta Tuglak gadiki gani Large Reddy gani Maha metha ku gani Noppi ante okka sari kuda teliyala Paritala was last to show how pain feel to Congress rowdies
  13. 15-20 beyond ivvalem Iste manake bokka
  14. i feel first time CBN is sensible and not believing blindly this chanukya ideas staying neutral is best option now, BJP will have as usual cunning plans and Pro Hindu votes not that easy to fall below 200 seats in any case eg KA BJP vote share did not fall just JDS vote transferred to Cong so better to stay pro silently with BJP if BJP introduces Common civil code that's where real challenge comes to YCP and TDP
  15. jagan history lo lenantha negativity chusadu TDP correct ga plan cheskunte easy win nimmala gadde adireddy lantollu neggatleda just people tho connect avvali ante ...... chala areas lo kadalatla intlo nundi reason is they want to be MLA but they dont want to do hardwork eg: how we turn tables bapatla varma garu is going to win in GNT ...... 1st confident seat in Gnt ..... weak to strong .... how candidate and party cadre temgitini podukunte jsp kallupattukovali
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