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  1. E time lo aina theme naduatadi bro TG moment lo public ni BRS erripoooook chesi vadukundi no base Congress reddy backing BJP BC backing BRC phone tapping tappa no cadre Present youth lo TS feeling ledu, andhra hatred ledu But BRS can survive koddiga development bane chesaru cadre develop cheskunte
  2. Assalu Reddy bros antha ekam aithe Congress shirt button kuda touch cheyaleru BRS next 10 years Telangana antene reddy top Adilavad to bottom mahaboobnagar east khammam to west medak Edo TDP undi kabatti goud yadava mudiraj ki voice undi eppudu adi gone 🫠
  3. 🍿 True lover - hotster stretched with same point Sensitive angle lo bane cheppadu Aa fookgadini burra buddi unna e ammi cheskunna dani life moggagudisipothadi
  4. Entha mandi nonReddies unnara state lo Nenu mottam reddy IPS Anukunna
  5. Road house 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Puri jaganath style movie Fully engaging
  6. Social anxiety Baga perigipoindi adiki Seems he lost touch iPAC bomma
  7. He know what is happening on the ground Alliance is Tsunami He is like fired employee counting his last day in the office Evadi desk daggaraku veldam Anna bayam Coffee machine taggara coffee ki bayam Early officer goer, late lunch Like odd man in the state with anxiety
  8. Director and producer evaru Chala daring ane cheppali Tuglak gadu lekepesina no surprise
  9. Ede manaki YSR KCR ki difference Ani public lo opinion create awtundi Bharat is just 32 , Rajyasabha ki vellochu or MLC tho start cheyachu MP is big thing
  10. Not fair He fought for 5 years against Jagan and YCP Ela Edo annaru Ani don't go personal He has point atleast Rajahmundry or some here adjust cheyali Vizag sacrifice cheyali If I am in CBN place Vizag ista , he almost lost his life, tuglak gadi gurinchi e generation ki artham ayyela jokes tho cheppi Chala help chesadu
  11. CBN antene options he analyze every option Ela 6/10 is the worst possible option still he is going ante Level of pressure from BJP imagine KCR daughter arrested Kejriwal arrested TN drugs racker case stated CBN arrested BJP is ruthless pulwama ne lekka ledu vallaki So no option just go along
  12. It's just my opinion based on events Infact CBN korukunnadi kadu e pothu Last year 2023 June around CBN Amith shah met in person secretly Probably appude alliance propose chesi untaru BJP CBN rejected it Later in 3 months CBN arrested in false case 50 days jail after sudden ga judge gave bail Sudden ante it's big abrupt decision Probably CBN agreed for alliance with BJP So it's forced Alliance by BJP to lock CBN going toward INDIA team
  13. K G F movie R R real Rocky Bhai of politicsr Narachi - BRS ni kottali kCR - Garuda ante uchapade situation nundi RR KCR tala kallameda padela chesav I love you darling RR life time kick edi KCR XX ki full ga ichai
  14. What ever be the reasons it's a bit dent to party fans who fight for party in the SM Already cadre gone Slow ga party fans kuda pothe Last ki elections ki 6 months mundu e broker gadi kallo pattukoni elections gattuekkeyachu good job CBN
  15. One possibility is from BJP strong request not to give seat to RRR If they say it is final CBN cannot say anything Which means Jagan assured BJP spending in the south MP seats Jagan is egoistic person who can go to any level he has 1L crores cash
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