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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to GOLI SODA in posani naadu nedu..karma is bitch amma   
    Just one  video like jackpot viral ayithe chalu
    Just need to have patience... Before election chala use avaachu 
    Good job.. keep going
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    Suresh_Ongole got a reaction from Chandasasanudu in posani naadu nedu..karma is bitch amma   
    Voice sync ledu bro. But good attempt.  Need this type of videos for more spread. 
  3. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to sskmaestro in LaPa-43 crs husshh   
    So MLC ki eligible….. ilaaaa okkooo mettu ekkutooooo……..
  4. Love
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to chanu@ntrfan in Ask abt kodi Kathi says PK   
    Super @TGR

  5. Confused
    Suresh_Ongole got a reaction from Raghu NTR in RR Gajwel meeting..   
    Correct ga cheppadu.  Matured ga matladadu. 
  6. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole got a reaction from Uravakonda in RR Gajwel meeting..   
    TRS is not supported bro.  Meeting day Govt vaccination drives pettaranta also double bed room house surway vundi don't go away ani chepparanta .
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to sskmaestro in IT raids on Sonu Sood   
    you can see the comments in this thread to know their mindset. Veedi buildup choodaleka Sachaaranta….. lol
    thousands of crores looti chestunna batch no vadilesi…… ilanti valla meedaa? 
    even they are using ED For petty people like Navneeth etc., 
    ED, IT, CBI lantivi big fish ni pattukunte desaaniki upayogam….
  8. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to JVC in The most liked thing in the movie Maestro   
    The Nation wants to know who killed _____
    Enjoyed a lot sir
  9. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to Siddhugwotham in Ayyanna 🔥🔥 🔥   
    విశాఖ : ముఖ్యమంత్రిని నేను తిట్టలేదు. చర్చిలో ఫాదర్లు ఓ మై సన్ అంటారు.అదే రీతిలో తెలుగులో అన్నా నా వ్యాఖ్యలపై కావాలనే వైసీపీ శ్రేణులు రచ్చ చేస్తున్నాయి..నా మాటల్లో తిట్లు ఎక్కడ ఉన్నాయి? – అయ్యన్నపాత్రుడు
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to bharath_k in Bail vatsada or cancel ayyidda   
    VISA gaadiki foreign trip ki chance ecchinappude  vishayam andariki ardam aiyyindi. 
    RRR may go high court 
  11. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to Yaswanth526 in Nara Lokesh Guntur Tour   
  12. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to Siddhugwotham in Roads !!! LOL   
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    Suresh_Ongole got a reaction from kanagalakiran in విద్యా దీవెన పథకం పై హైకోర్టు తీర్పు   
    Blind followers are happy first one year.  They earned max.  Taruvata contracts tesukonna vallaki bills clear kaka tittukontunnaru. 
    I don't know about other areas.  Nenu naa circle and villages lo jarugutundi cheptunna. 
    Shops vallu govt contracts ante appu ivvatam ledu. 
    Maa ooilo sachivalaym contract 95laks like vundi and cement roads vunnai.  Evadu munduku ravatam ledu.
  14. Haha
    Suresh_Ongole reacted to KING007 in Congratulations Mitrooon   
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to Jaitra in AJ debbaki jaggadu postunnadu   
    Before any media focused on this financial disaster which Jagan was doing,you are the one who picked up this very early and kept posting in this Db bro…
    6 months after u started putting threads here,media started reporting.
    Hats off to u bro
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to Royal Nandamuri in Good Job TGR bro   
    @TGR bro, its amazing how you do your homework before posting anything. The way you present the facts with proof leaves no room for the other party to counter. Keep going bro 👍
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to swarnandhra in pattiseema   
    ippudu kashtam brother. best we could do now is to build another barrage down stream of pulichintala and lift water from it to buggavagu. or an aqueduct across krishna river and take water directly to Guntur district. (it is one of the options in Godavari-Penna inter link design).
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to Saichandra in ***Monsoon Updates***   
    bro anantapur side emi ledu enti image lo
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to RKumar in Purushothapatnam lift irrigation project   
    Godavari districts lo kooda konni places lo water problem vundi, first water ni store chesi vaallaku supply cheyyali when flow is not there in Godavari.
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to JAYAM_NANI in AP Government’s transitional headquarters   
    temporary ante ah buildings taruvatha dayyala dibbala vadilestaaru ani ardham kaadu. Govt will utilize it for some other purposes. Temporary fire station is also very important to protect the existing buildings. If not all these investments are under threat.
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to mahesh1987 in ***Monsoon Updates***   
    coming runs lo further south ki move avvachu  bapatla-ongole/ongole-kavali/nellore-shar
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    Suresh_Ongole reacted to swas in New Air ports   
    Airports ante only passengers ee kadu if we signoff trade/exports/import documents with other countries we can use airports for exports/imports deni valla airports will hit gold and easily 1000's of crores income to govt is possible from this.
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