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  1. There is is long way to go. As of now only close associates are revolting not opponents
  2. Lol do you know any community fukuoka storeyed TDP. Mana party damage ki IPAC akjarledu vadi work kuda manam chestham
  3. First of all don't put all the scrap here
  4. Tdp ki xy, z against ane threads aapandi Use words balancedly
  5. She can never win in payakaroa pet. Don't waste the resources utilize them where ever required
  6. Suggest her not to contest again and ask her to spend her time to party media to counter opponents
  7. Also we lost narsapuram MP very closely. Both candidate are xians
  8. Xians gurinchi koncheam data chusi post veyyandi There are many supporters for tdp. Se the voting pattern better than kammas consttuencys
  9. Party lo kothaga join ayyina vallaki korikalu yekkuva vunnayi. Santa lo dorikanttu andharini techaru foolish step by party
  10. apart from Seats should be proud of what we are doing
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