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  1. Somu veerraju vargam tho argument yenduku manku. Vallu anthe
  2. Show some concern with out any promises and get along with us. I could see some realization in employees they understood cbn is best.
  3. @Uravakondacan you pm me telegram link for govt employess
  4. @Raghu NTRbro he is not rebel MP. He is YSRCP MP.
  5. We can start a campaign from our party saying govt employees not vote for TDp
  6. Not bad. It's not only employees every ones mindset changed with false propoganda
  7. In 2019 can you share the govt employees vote share party wise
  8. Opposition lo vundi voters meeda revenge ante enough to this foolish thoughts. With this kind of attitude in tdp supporters we can close the party
  9. Asalu ye vote bank manaku vaddu ruling loki ravali
  10. Velli oka sangibavam cheppi simple ga we support you ante chalu opposition lo poyedi yemi ledu positive thappa
  11. Mana DB opinion Reddys veyyaru/sc/st veyyaru Brahmins veyyaru vysyaa veyyaru govt employees s veyyaru . Kriahna/guntur Chowdary veyyaru....
  12. Sandal wood lo baga earn chesadani talk kada?
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