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  1. Ey point ko answer undadu ga Center permission lekunda arrest cheyagallada mana jagan sir
  2. Tdp vallu case's tho untey valla happy ga election's planning emo
  3. Hearing concludes. Matter reserved for final orders. Judgement in 2 days.
  4. Luthra: A lot of material is shown by the other side. Email that they are relying on is in contrast with the remand report
  5. Luthra: 4 things I want to say a) no answer to Section 17A b) nature of acts falls within Section 17a c) none of the judgments relied upon have similarity in facts d) there is lot of confusion regarding 90% and 10%
  6. Luthra: Neeharika case which is vehemently relied upon has been clarified in AP Mahesh
  7. Luthra: Issue in Rafale was exactly the same. The claim of the State was that the actions of petitioner do not warrant Section 17A sanction
  8. Luthra relies on Justice Joseph's concurring opinion in Rafale case
  9. Luthra: When A1 is the Chairman, when A1 has made the speech in the House, when he has released funds. All of this was done on the saying of A37 (Naidu). Now once this is your claim, how can you say Section 17A is not applicable?
  10. Luthra: There is a pattern in the State of #AndhraPradesh where randomly documents are going missing
  11. Bench: If you have to make any submissions, make now, we are disposing it off finally. I am very clear in that aspect. I have heard it for the whole day
  12. Luthra: I am concerned about the 2021 complaint. I cannot contemplate what they want me to deal with? 2021 complaint was registered, after that everything happened, so why are we on 2018?
  13. ^Luthra: These arguments that were made by AAG, we need to keep in mind that they are concerning somebody's personal liberty
  14. Salve: What is fascinating is that 4.5 years after being a government, you now come and say that documents are going missing? Today they have destroyed the files and are blaming us? What nonsense!
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