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  1. Ntr.biopic lo vuntadu palu amme pillavadu chinnappudu ntr role lo
  2. Thread edhaina spammers on duty
  3. Meru kannadiga ap tho mekem Pani..
  4. ok bro will try to do it slowly .. thanks for Advice
  5. slowly Started bro taken it as challenge and Startd doing ... Acheived 101 ... weight loss kosam started but Surynamaskar are magic and it will pure blood too and organs inside tones body .. helps inner healing too. reduced 20 kgs
  6. Nice videos bro. I also practicing yoga some asanas from last 4 months day starting 5 Am . Doing daily 101 Surya namaskars. And few asanas.. Yedho theliyani positive attitude cheshaka.. NTR & NBk will do same waking up early and spending time for on yoga workouts Pooja ... So they are always energetic all the day. Planning to learn hatha yoga soon
  7. Vinod NKR


    Already pitapuram fixed ani nota vesukunta ani seppadu
  8. Proddatur and KamLapuram list is perfect
  9. Monna Sunday Bangalore TDP forum meeting ki endhuku raledhu meeru ... Eluri sambha Siva Rao vachadu
  10. Vinod NKR


    Water ledu. Chusi use cheyyandi. Vehicle cleaning and garden ki, construction ki, fountain ki, road construction and road cleaning ki water use cheyyakidadu and mall lo cinema hall lo just drinking ki matrame water use cheyyali
  11. Work lenatlu vundhi ikkade kurchunnaru kadala kunda
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