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  1. thread Title chusi eyana 500 petti ela poyivunntadu movie ki ani anukunna N movies ye chudadu theatre lo ani .. tickets sponsor mention chesaka nammesham uncle
  2. meeke bommai vesharaa .... 20 yrs ga KA lo vunte Kannada nerchukokunda em sesthunnav Nasty Unclee...
  3. https://www.eenadu.net/telugu-news/india/people-living-here-should-learn-kannada-develop-love-for-the-language-cm-siddaramaiah/0700/124115249
  4. Vinod NKR


    Inka nayam naga Babu ekkincha ledhu stage paiki
  5. Assembly seats are increasing?
  6. Ap Having Many source of incomes .. if we do everything perfectly he can manage it . handle it . CBN knows it well . This Time is opportunity to Re structure everything in AP . CBN The Man Knows Everything.
  7. TTD Chairman : B Tech Ravi or Bhupesh Reddy . immediatley after government . Electricy bill Control, quality liqour and prices are moderate. Petrol/Diesel prices are need to cut Down immeditaely . (people will feel happy) Nominated posts entha twaraga velaithe antha fast ga assign cheyyali . nancha kunda ... More Focus on Amaravathi capital marche right next Term evaru gelichina cheyakunda strict constituion law . NTR health University Rename and Not to change any other government furthur oka law. More focus on IT in Amaravthi and Governance . Mega DSC Very Good Salaries to Govt Employees (game changers this term) e 5 yrs lo Atleast 3 Group 1 ,2 ,3,4 Notifications . any other government Notifications . Fee Re embursement Directly to college not to parents .
  8. best Thread Till date on nbk ... re collecting old thread by @Chandasasanudu COngrats to Nbk ... Jai Balayya
  9. Vinod NKR

    6th Sense....

    7th sense em sepa ledha nasty uncle
  10. Good bro how are you ... Waiting for June 4th
  11. Vinod NKR

    Revenge plan

    Hope form vundedhi KA
  12. Vinod NKR

    Revenge plan

    Dream Machine thread
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