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Chandrayaan-3 Politics


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Tomorrow evening Chandrayaan-3 succuss aitheee BJP ruled states lo huge celebrations ki plan chesaru. clouds lo nunchi rocket ela travel cheyyali n ela land cheyyali aneee topic paina ISRO scientists ki thana guidence ela ichadooo explain chesthu Mr. Cloud man video release chesthadu. aaaa video link mana link man @Rajakeeyam annai techi DB lo post chesthadu. Immediately DB members andaru aanandam tho chitikelu veyyali ani vignapthi.

Manmohan time lo Chandrayaan -1 and Mangalyan huge succuss but PM never used it for political gains

mana cloud man power loki vachaka only 2 big missions by ISRO andhuloo  Chandrayaan - 2 disaster, ippudu Chandrayaan -3 deeni nunchi kuda political gains ki plan cheyyadam edaitheee undoooo

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