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9 minutes ago, akhil ch said:

KTR and CBN chala dignified ga adigaru. pani chesam. chesamu kabatte adugutunam ani. CBN matter lo Revanth gadu dabbu tho dorikesi fruit ayyadu chesadu. ikada its pretty dignified. but KTR odipothe mokham chudalani undi

Exactly....ikkada KTR call okkate chooste tappu emi undadu. Oppukunte money involve avvadu anedi boothu.

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2 hours ago, Vishal_Ntr said:

Ya this talk was dignified. Twitter lo responses plus because it was just the audio that leaked, he will use this as a clean image.

But what's interesting is his desperation for the bypoll

it will decide. BJP will pull another sitting and will force him to resign, election mood antha chupistunaru. sitting mla balam + anti incumbency + heavy backing tho they are trying to weaken trs in swing seats. debba mida debba laga padata unay. TRS wants to disrupt that swing/pattern. anduke antha desparate ga begging.

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