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Account lock chesukunna, already mottam backend lo mottam anni contacts backup chesi untaru. Inka kavalante, same page ni vallu create chesi work out chesukuntaru. 


Intha bad ga kaadhu kani, maa cousin Account lo add ayyi, unna family photos anni teesukoni, nude ga morphed chesi, money adigaru. Appatlo bagane ibbandhi paddaru vallu. 

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Groom parties till late during 'baarat', disgruntled bride marries another man

A groom in Rajasthan's Churu partied late during his 'baarat,' while his disgruntled bride married another man.


On Sunday, May 15, Sunil, the groom, and his relatives arrived in the bride's village. The baarat set off for the bride's house at 9 pm, but the groom and his friends got drunk and continued to dance to the DJ's beats, causing the procession to be delayed for hours.

The muhurat, or auspicious time to begin wedding pheras, was 1.15 am, and the groom showed no signs of slowing down. The bride's side, as well as the bride herself, had enough of the commotion caused by the baarat's drunken dancing. Frustrated with being kept waiting, the bride decided to return the baarat. Her family then made the decision to marry her off to someone else.

A day after the incident, the groom's family went to the Rajgarh police station to file a complaint against the bride's family.

The bride's side claimed that the groom and his family were careless about the wedding pheras and that this attitude would continue in the future. Meanwhile, after consulting with the police, both parties decided to cite family issues as the reason for the wedding cancellation and provided written confirmation.
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