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  1. Konchem taggu...nenu ippatidaka ee case merits and demerits Anto appudu think kuda cheayledu..240 cr corruption value ante oka mla range ee rojullo..oka cm mida 240 cr allegation ante..lol I am arguing in one watsapp group with ycp..just getting basic details
  2. Just oka doubt..ap gvt and design tech/Siemens..10:90 ratio lo funds pettali kada..why only gvt released 371 cr which 10 percent..why they didn't add 90 percentage fund
  3. Cbi didnt get evidence that he is influencing evidence for cancelling bail.. So finally cbi neither conclude the case nor get the bail cancelled..even though they are honestly working on this case.the reason being that he is cm...I wonder how lalu went to jail..sisodia is in jail being minister..
  4. So if accused becomes CM..case will go slow? Ok..putting that aside.. What about bail..can't he influence witness..what is the powerful thing than being CM?
  5. So cbi asked special court and T court dismissed..is this for bail cancelling? So cbi also silent..so what it doong further.. Do you think cbi genuinely acting on this? Closing means bringing to end..
  6. @Rajakeeyam i know that you have answers for all questions.. One question..how jagan is on bail for ten years..can't he influence witness using his position..why cbi is not asking for cancelling bail.why court is not cancelling bail.. Why cbi is not closing case..
  7. Sare..chuddam..Maadi guntur area..naadi Hyderabad..maa pillaldi usa/canda/uk kavochu... Now tell me.. Godavari area kadu kabatti PK power telidu ani..rayalaseema kadu kabatti jagan family arachakalu telivu ani cheppoduu
  8. Paina pedda manishi 2019 lo odipovdam gurinchi comedy ga cheppinadaniki anthe comedy ga reply..pothu pettukodam tappani avru annaru..maree antha serious ga tiskovasina pani ledu..
  9. Area ni batti answer untunda
  10. Mee confidence CBN ki unte poyi JSP tho pothu pettukone vadu kadu..naalugu dot lu
  11. Ledu bro..i m serious... minister ga ok..danlo problem ledu..mlc ga velldam vall use kuda future lo telustunda ni
  12. CBN anduku 2019 lo odipoyadu ani adigevallu kuda future lo mechukuntaru rendu DOT lu
  13. Lokesh ni kuda arrest chesthe jagan pedda vp avutadu..vadu maree antha vp kadani naa abhiprayam
  14. That is not the cbm problem..cbn already ahead of all in 1990-2000s era..but every mans brain limited to particular era..
  15. Inner ring road case kottada..inthaka munde unda..idi kuda corruption cesa na..
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