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  1. No...everyone mistake there... state gvts film industry, pharma industry, IT industry, opposition parties communists liberals china America Africa aliens Sun Saturn Vijay shankar(3d player) David Warner Final ga public Ila andaru poga migilna vata koddiga adina migilthe maa modi di Sorry marchipoya nehru,valla nanna adedo nehru(name gurtuku ratledu) ,valla kuturu indira Gandhi...it continues and
  2. My pinni passed away yesterday..pity is her husband my babai don't know this till since he is also in hospital because of covid. Her son, my brother came back from US for his marriage supposed to happen at may end. His engagement suppose to be happen yesterday same day his mother died See how his india trip became..for which he came and what he faced Once he get into flight, he got information that his parents, his brother and brothers wife,thier one year boy got effected. So he went to our maternal grand mother home after coming to India Later his mother and father admitted his hospital but he can't go because he can't go and see his parents as if he steps out ,can't return to old age grand parents house. Can't go to covid effected home. He even can't take care of his parents Finally yesterday when mothers condition is serious he steps out and only faced her death and cremated in guntur. Now he is staying in hotel in guntur..
  3. Mari congress Vallaki 50 years icahru...
  4. Chalane chusam le ilantivi..kothavi cheppandi
  5. Gaddam performance work out avvaledu.. konchem akkuva penchalsndi antara
  6. Ravi traveller chudandi..189 countries tirigadu.he also did this
  7. If he deserves there are many people before him
  8. nalugu kakpothe 44. adithe am. anuvadam kada. infact i have huge respect towards him. not only him for all telugu poets. but argument is argument . srinatha is most superior when it comes to language development BTW khadga tikkana is diff to this tikkana. the earlier one is good warrior. there is doordarshan serial about that. very interesting. will try to get it for now wikipedia link https://te.wikipedia.org/wiki/เฐ–เฐกเฑเฐ—เฐคเฐฟเฐ•เฑเฐ•เฐจ
  9. Cha..avo nalugu chapters translate chesina anuvada kavi goppa aythe..mari telugu language ne re define chesina kavi sarwabhouma srinatha kavi sangathi anti.. He is the one who re-defined all words for telugu. Not only that he made formula for "andhrikarana" of sanskrit By adding du mu vu lu..he made it beauty That is why so many dramas and movies on him not on somayaji
  10. ilane tiduthu undadni...ycp vallu vitini tipputharu..pade aa nalugu votes kuda pothay..appudu inka sammaga untundi.. ycp vallu oka caste ni target chesthe..meeru oka area ni target chestunnaru. teda amundi..
  11. kevalam capital mida votes padithe..assuming capigtal valla benifit ayyayi ante...ee logic prakaram migilna vallu loss ayinatle kada. asalu ila pracharam chese kada..migilina areas lo negetive techaru. ippudu unnadi poye..unchukunnadi poye.. second one ikkada demand lekunda petta batte dikkuleka (being center) vacharu ane feeling inner ga undochu.further ga avaru vachina ide capital. so capital irrelevant aypoyindi. ipdu jagan tisesthe ante..vadu tisesthadu..oka vela unchina devlope cheyadu ani artham ayndi. malli cbn vache chance ledu. vachina inka kastam.votes vesina veyakapoyina irrelvent again in another way. my own village (thatikonda constituency)is tdp at any time..initially discussed about capital shift. now no one is even talking about that ( ika dani pani aypynid..ligt--idi urlo comment)
  12. Kaki pilla kakiki muddu..correct That doesn't mean kaki pilla bavuntundani kadu. Guntur ippudu kuda kadu. Amaravathi Capital ante am rastunnaru.. guntur na leka amaravathi na Asalu guntur ante intha negativity undedi kadu..kotha Whitefelid city anesariki graphics kindaki poyindi. Ika dramoji name suggest cheyadam okati amaravathi ani
  13. Super....guntur vallu chadvukunnaru...chaduvu nerparu..basha nerpincharu..ledante 90 percent vankara bhashale..yasale.. Ycp votes ante mari sontha jilla lone trust ledu leader ki..maa daggra avadu nammutharu.. good or bad anni chotla undi BTW ikada rajadhani pettamani memu adukkoledu..kanisam demand cheyaledu.akkada dikkuleka vacharu
  14. What is professor nageswar position in this seat?
  15. Yes ee thread lo cheppinattu present youth never giving credit to cbn on hyd IT when I told brief story about this to my junior colleague in my team- kapu from prakasam dt he laughed like any thing and branded it as yellow media build up and asked me that who developed in rest cities there also cbn is cm? Now also IT spreading to kochi (our office opened there now) asking cbn cm there also? Another colleague form TG (from hyd city)of same age group- some BC cast by the time IT comes to india it spread across all large cities along with Hyderabad. If any one is CM at that time they can put some effort. So all other CM s having big cities did that effort..CBN also did that.decent job.but What is CBN so greatness in that..giving bit credit but not more..he slightly supports BJP in casual disco..dont know before bifurcation.but no hatred on andhra When I told same to another colleague..thirupathi- reddy he told that he never cares what happened in hyd. He never seen hyd and never been there.His career started in Bangalore and will be there. So even didn't bother about hyd or even amaravathi saying Bangalore is near to me But everybody Had fun at lokesh becoming mlc and minister
  16. Ila tidithe vache nalugu votes kuda ravu. KG batch antu sodi apithe manchidi
  17. Strategic mistake..amo ikkadi vallu amina respond avutharani attempt chesaru But as usual local body election trend continue ayndi tappa no response
  18. Municipal elections ni referendum ga cheyadam big joke..
  19. Local body elections lo ruling party gelusthundi.. Danni pakkana pedithe rajadhani anagane guntur district ani vadatam apndi pls.. Adi kevalam guntur vijayawada madya unna oka zone ki related. Migilina vallaki anni districts lagane. Special ga am ledu. Unte ok leda undali ankone vallu.anthe kani pani kattukoni ikkade undali ledante ado chestham anedi ledu. Ika only dani basis midane votes veyali anedi big joke
  20. Kudirithe answer cheppandi sir anthe kani dont behave like modi. Be human being not modi being
  21. Pina cheppina rendu aa country ki sambandichibavi? Kopmadisi mana country na?
  22. MLC election aypoyndi kda?after election ante after general elections?