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    AndhraBullodu reacted to dusukochadu in Hey settler TRS pyans ...   
    Settlers eppudo shy vadilesaru le  
    Apart from Khammam TDP cadre, I don't think settlers anywhere will really vote for Cong. 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to akhil ch in Telangana Elections   
    Last time ilane anaru. Last lo cut Cheste bumper majority. End of day it is only Management. All bjp follower or karadu handles started posting that they'll vote brs in seats where Janasena is contesting than letting inc win. Hahahahaha comedy gallu 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to r_sk in Kaleswaram project big issue 😲   
    Emi vision?   Vision undi kani Patience leda, ela ela? 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to PP SIMHA in Kaleswaram project big issue 😲   
    Onti Eddu Pokada endulonaina ekadaina manchidi kadu , KCR ki prakruthi kuda Anti gane Unnatu undi ,,, KCR hope U loose this time , COngress ki nenu opposition e kaani , i want TDP to be replaced in place of BRS !!! Hope its happens in near future
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to akhil ch in CBN Arrest   
    Happy to see everyone reach home without complications and unwanted incidents 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to akhil ch in *** pic of the day ***   
     Entha ibbandi pettaru nakoduku Lu. Venta PADI eyyalsinde. 
    Ah tv5 lo background lo nayakuda song esta janalu road midaki coming.  Inka edipinchidengutadu eedu anii calm ga room Loki vachesa. Don't feel like doing anything
    My leader   my inspiration
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to GOLI SODA in End of TDP in Telangana   
    after lot of support campaign for CBN in Hyd 
    let's say Kukatpally lo TDP doesn't get good voting.... 
    then YCP will use this as no Sympathy for CBN  .... 
    for TDP AP elections r imp ... 
    TG lo BSR weak ayithe will benefit TDP
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to sskmaestro in End of TDP in Telangana   
    Jantikalu pisukkodam aapandi……
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to akhil ch in End of TDP in Telangana   
    2009 GHMC results.
    BJP 5
    INC 52
    TDPP 45
    MIM 43
    PRP 1
    MBT 1
    Independent 3

    TRS 0. 2016 lo TRS won 99.

    When time is yours, then you can show your mass. 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to Atlassian in End of TDP in Telangana   
    there are 2 type of scenarios bro...ippudu Cong gelisthe then 2024 lo AP elections ki koncham help ayye chances are high...once BRS loses, then its easier to crush kcr and see if any of those in that party would want to come over to TDP.....but on the other hand if TDP contests now in TG and cong loses with slight margin then 2024 lo AP lo same as 2019 repeat ayye chances ekkuva, and also TDP will be shut in TG as well...
    but ippudu teeskunna decision valla AP elections ki and in future TDP in TG ki kuda help ayye chances ekkuva...so maybe they took this decision anipistandi..again, its just my view.
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to ktb in End of TDP in Telangana   
    Good for tdp to avoid this election , definitely some people with crocodile Tears are not tdp supporters /sympathiser 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to RKumar in Delhi Liquor Case Update   
    If case is established why KCR daughter & BRS MLC Kavitha Rao not arrested? Because KCR, KTR & Kavitha are close to Modi-Shah their family not touched?
    Why YCP MP, his son & Vijay Sai reddy relative of YCP roaming freely if case is proved? Just because YCP-Jagan & Vijay Sai reddy close to Modi-Shah they are left freely?
    What a logic from CBI & ED.
    They left BRS & YCP leaders free and arrested AAP Dy. CM Manish sisodia.
    People understand who is supporting corruption & who is against. 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to vk_hyd in Gratitude concert   
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to rajanani in Gratitude concert   
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to Sunny@CBN in Harish Rao abt Amaravathi   
    Eesariki Telangana batch motham congress ki veyyandi.
    Kachara gadiki and baffa gallaki return gift ivvali.
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to Chandasasanudu in IPac PK on Jagan   
    Admin ganaka neethulu cheputhunattu undi ee video soostha unte
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to TDP_2019 in Gratitude concert   
    Neeku cheppina artham kaadu le
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to vk_hyd in CBN Arrest   
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to dusukochadu in CBN Arrest   
    Ee kaliyugam lo oke saari Ravan (M) and duryodhan (Jaggad) ni face chestunnadu CBN. 
    We have to wait and see if dharma and karma will be served. 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to gnk@vja in Calling Lokesh   
    Anni days lokesh Delhi lo enduku untunado Oka clarity ivali cadere ki lekunte kastam 
    family bhuvanswari garu kani bràmini kani bus tour plan cheyali 
    ilane continue aithe evaro vestharu party ni save cheyataniki ane comments scope ekkuva untundi 
    lokesh ki ippude kastha +ve vasthundi cadere lo ….Oka planing lekunda motham cheda kottukuntunadu 
    yes father jail lo unnadu but leader avali ante father mother family ni dati Mari think cheyali 
    cbn important no one is denying but entire party is looking at you to take it forward but you are looking for your father release . Your actions giving very wrong signals to the party people . You are giving opportunity to your opponents. Do not give up this momentum which came at cost of your father’s health 
    you worry about cbn  but always be with ppl 
    nuvu kuda ma mummy daddy ante Neeku maku teda ledu . Leader avali anukunte tappadu 
    this is all I am telling you that because  I want to see you as future leader of AP 
    ilanti programs every week ante chirak putti janalu Evaru pattinchukoru navula palavutham
    Cbn lekunte party ledu ane impression rakunda choosukovali 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to Eswar09 in Calling Lokesh   
    TDP literally oka section of voters/ppl ki dhooram ayipothundhi.
     party president ni enni days jail pedithe .. candles..sankellu elanti programs chesthe rural lo cadre ki/ PPL ki ekkav.. asala TDP lo eppudu unna chetha dabba leaders party puttinapati nunchi undi undaru..mana leaders ki jansena ki pedda diff kanapadatam ledhu...
    Lokesh kuda ee dabba leaders iche idea follow avuthunnadu.. elanti time thana identity choopinchali. Okkosari okay anipisthunnadu kani.. overall ga thana saathyi thagattulu,thana meda unnda expectations tagga output ledhu. Party motham jail lo unna CBN meda depend avuthunnaru..
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to ramntr in Calling Lokesh   
    He is into too much sadness N frustration, thana life lo ilanti situation lo ఎప్పుడు ledu, sometimes over the board decisions vundochu le, we can't say no... This is not worrying me, wht worries is whether he is taking care of election plans properly or not... Hope he has good team to assess N take right decisions on time... 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to akhil ch in Calling Lokesh   
    Aapara ayya. 
    Evadaina cheppandi eediki. Janalaki cheedara thengedaka cheyyaddhu ani. 
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to RKumar in CBN Arrest   
    Siggu saram Leni Telugu janala sommu tho brathike cinema heros ni enti smooth ga handle chesedi.
    Amaravathi farmers 4 years ga fight chesthunna NBK, PK, Ram thappa ee hero respond avvaledu.
    CBN ni illegal ga arrest chesina respond avvaledu. 
    AP ki emi ayina pattinchukoni heros not Telugu heros.
    Don't care these GOPIs.
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    AndhraBullodu reacted to yamaha in Alekhya Reddy   
    Super Madam, good job 
    Kattukunna family ante aa respect 🙏 
    Monna ee thread veddam anukunna annai, but nenu vesta ikkada item rajas vere meaning lo potharu emo ani li8 tesukunna, good initiative.
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