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  1. Italy tho India ki vunna relationship continue chestunaru ga. next bjp president melony ah 😅
  2. Extension vunnatla ? Or Inka Ee 1.5 ministries eh na? Asale ee gujju batch notorious
  3. Nithish jdu will ask more, and without pressurizing we will also get more .. lol
  4. tdp 2 cabinet ministries - Rammomhan confirmed, vemireddy? 2 deputy ministries- Pemmasani confirmed, shabari/bharath? deputy speaker - harish ? Bjp - one independent deputy minsitry jS - one deputy/independent deputy minsitry
  5. Just gave Rcb example as its recent miracle, not saying you are fan. Have fun
  6. Bro.. rcb ki playoffs ki vunna chance kante ekkuva chance eh vundi kada 😅
  7. So AA kuda jagan la wife family side tesesukunadu aithe. Hero ga support chesina mega family and mega fans ki zero importance.
  8. Oh sorry, latest news miss ayya. Pakka na Mp seat magunta batch ki ?
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