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  1. dabbulu nuvvu kastapadi sampadinchukunte, vaati meeda nee photo yem veyyaru kada.... gandhi bomma untadi... manam accept chestam... idi kuda anthe... ani baffas cheppamannaru.... yemito veella teliviki haddu lekunda potundi....
  2. suppose.. per suppose.... tdp power lo ki vachindi anukundam... yem cheyyali??? kahajana is in huge -ve... yedo sachi chedi oka 5 yrs ki CBN revenue generate chesi pedithe, next vachina vallu free ga dabbulu panchutaru.. antega...
  3. im not talking about the person who died... im talking about the general people, getting threatened, cannot speak the facts, live in fear.... they deserve to be the slaves.. because thats what the choose.
  4. AP people deserve this.. they voted for freebees but not for development..
  5. AP janalaki oka udyogam ivvatame yekkuva... i like jagga...
  6. i dont have any issue petrol being 200 rs as everything else also increased... can you please make internet also 100rs per GB data??? sagam ee social media daridram potundi...
  7. i suppose price may come down after 2-3 months..
  8. it may sound harsh... but here is the realty.. ideally if you leave genuine upper caste small scale farmers, rest all so called poor getting much freebees in AP compared to the output they are giving. Lets take villages/b-towns, where technically more are poor.. Considering the amount they get under the name of daily minimum labor, the amount they spend on liquor, black tickets too see their hero's movie on 1st weekend, 1200/- for a life saving thing is worth..
  9. sputnik ante, jagan bhasha lo reddys vaccin ye ga??
  10. dikku leni AP prajalani aadhukovataniki temprary ga TG ni drop chestadi le... till 2024... taravatha kuda inka jaggayya jail lo ne unte, both states ki single CM.. sharru... she will merge both states as she cannot be CM for both..
  11. i want sharru..... sharru... sharru..... maa jagga absesnce lo padayatra chesina charishma, rajanna muddu bidda sharmila matrame.... she is true hier of CM seat.... vijaxxxxx & bharathi are jujubi in front of dynamic leader with golden voice sharru...
  12. vijay mallya yenduku.. inko tag vadalandi.. south's most corrupted ano.. or most corrupted political leader ano yedo okati...
  13. asalu reddy kani reddy ki support chesinappudu ledu kani... ippudu siggu padedi yemundi?? all are united... so no need to think and act.. just watch the show between caste systems..
  14. bokka le... just enjoy the show...
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