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  1. correct.. in that situation they have the power to dictate terms.. i am helpless as i have to chose between giving money or fight by spending my time.. now jagan has the power to dictate terms.. so need to cry foul.. just accept it or fight.. i just hope jagan will release note that he won't give salary for the strike period..
  2. recent ga nenu personal ga interact ayyina departments - property registrations, property tax evaluation, marriage, birth & death certificates, driving license, passport addr verification - all took money, irrespective of docs.. ademaante idi yedo okasari jarige event, konchem iste yemi potundi antaru... pf txfr/withdrawal, RC hypothecation - no money given.
  3. correct bro.. more than telugu people, i say it is andhra people.. TG is better... manollaki pakkanodu yedugutunte kullu.. development jarigi, pakkanodiki high salary jobs vaste yedupu.. vaadu yenni nidra leni ratrulu work cheste ala sampadinchadu anedi anavasram.. development jarigi, pakkanodiki land rates perigithe vaadi meeda yedupu.. vadu yenta land develeopment kinda pogottukunnadu anedi anavasaram.. companies testam, chakkaga chaduvukuni manchi job techukuni mee kaalla meeda meeru batakandi ante adi kudaradu.. anni free ga kavali.. kavalante yevadi m** ayina naakutam...
  4. on a lighter note... cinema cost/quality tho sambandham lekunda, tkt yenta undalo jagan decide cheyyagaliginappudu, govt employee salary yenta deserved anedi janalu/jagan decide cheyyakudada???
  5. ante.. mari.. intaku mundu governments people ni pattinchukunevi kadu kabatti they need money to live to their standard.. new govt is people friendly.. even who dont work also getting benefits.. and can spend 3 times amount on cheap liquor.. anduke pensions inka AP lo avasaram ledu ani anipinchindi..
  6. problem is majority of ap guys want free.. free.. they always cry on the fellow next to them if someone gets benefited by some thing.. always state development give long term benefits.. and ap people are not in that mindset.. that the difference TG & AP are facing now.. KTR aggressively taken forward the cbn planning and reaping benifits.. where as jalagan went reverse..
  7. one question.. why retired ap govt employees need pension?? instead that, they can be given jalaganna pension & ration etc navaratnalu.. additional some 2 or 3 additional ratnalu.. anyway 70% of AP people are happy with navaratnalu... these people also will be happy..
  8. yes.. house rent poor people ki andubatulo undali... no owner should charge more than 10K in citis, 5K in towns, 1K in villages. c'mon jagga... lets implement like movie tickets..
  9. great.. alage retire ayyi 25k+ pension teesukuntunna valla nunchi atleast oka 25% govt cess veyyali.?? poor people kosam aa maatram cheyyalera???
  10. they are the king makers.... vallu badhalo undatam yemiti??? vallu ninchomente ninchovali, kurchomante kurchovali... vaadu devudaina kaani... ayina valluu vachi maku nyayam cheyyandi ani yevarinanina adigara?? lekapothe memu last time mosapoyi tappuchesam ani realization vachinda?? last time meeting ayyaka, govt m** choopinchinakani, bayataki vachi govt konni resolve chesinadi.. thanks bokka ani cheppina vallaki yem cheyyali?? siggu unna putaka pudithe, not fruitful meeting and walkout cheyyali... aa dammu ledu... XXXXX batukulu... valla ki kelukkuni cheyyalsindi yem ledu.. last time
  11. ee martanike pranalu potayi ani bhayapaddada... inka 56" chest yenduku... picha naa... dash...
  12. jagga will initiate a GO.. if you are not running the theatres, under jagannna employment scheme or jagananna housing scheme, govt will handover them and allocate to poor people as homes. I want this to happen..
  13. valle vestaru.. tdp vaste aa money waste avvuddi ani cheputaru.. moosukuni vestaru.. AP lo maximum janalaki kavalsindi okkate... nenu yemi chesina cheyyakapoyina, naaku yemi vastundi ani... till some extent you can extract from middle class and feed poor.. after that, you have to extract from poor to feed them.. indirectly it is the poor who are capable of doing work, but not doing and relying on freebies. so they have to pay for themself for all those free schemes..
  14. avunu.. yelaga jagananna pension istunnadu kada... inka malli PF yenduku?? dabbunna retired employees nunchi teesi dabbuleni pedalaki panchu..
  15. i like this... jagan is the right guy who shows the right place to each and every one.. and AP people deserve it.. because of these acts i would like to ycp nxt time..
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