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  1. Pata cassette or not it is why our party lost and going to be history
  2. only strategy now is to keep leaders and party. with out leaders no party sustains
  3. It happened to us also in gannavaram. But neutral and other not believe and thinking tweet as political crap for votes
  4. Modi meeda yedchi moolana kurchunadu mana party ni kurchobettadu
  5. He lost 3 times by next people will forget him
  6. Babu oka waste candidate anduke ayana time lo naxals , faction etc perigayi. Party ki sani la pattadu
  7. Yemi migilindi ani active avvataniki. Will get 2 seats
  8. 1bc 1reddy done next 1 kamma
  9. Bjp told cbn to continue in nda we will help you getting to power but he ignored them for his son. This I am telling from first hand knowledge as we are part of tsnv from last 10 years and know many inside details
  10. Bjp nunchi bayatiki vachinsppudu mana leader chesina daniki vallu chesindi takkuve.
  11. Lol mana nayakudi chetakani tanam to party ni m nakistunnadu. Why to blame bjp who helped us in 1999 and 2014
  12. add me bro 8332823380  constituency gannavaram