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  1. Same happening as in ts elections. Looks like bad for tdp
  2. Babu I am tsnv member we know ground reality. By next election cbn become old and there is no good candidate to lead party.
  3. Tdp already padukundi candidates okkaru kuda confident ga leru. Tdp ki last elections
  4. Yenduku viswasam leni Andhra prajalu chestaru le
  5. Tv9 kcr di, no way we can get coverage. We are getting good coverage between serials in zee,maa, Gemini &etv
  6. Tdp -- 150+ Ycp - 10-15 Jsp -- rest Mp Tdp -- 20+ Ycp -- rest
  7. Labor aite oka sari jagan ki chance icchi chudam ane mentality to unnaru. This is from tdp internal data.
  8. May 23rd ide kullu joke veyyandi chudam
  9. Labor bokka pette lagunnaru
  10. Inka yenni rojulu confirm ki. Already nomination started
  11. add me bro 8332823380  constituency gannavaram