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  1. Lokesh yemi peekutadu Babu garu best.
  2. Manasu geliste yem vastuundi election gelavali. Hope he wins this time for party sake.
  3. Tenali yevaru geliste vallu government form chestaru Ani sentiment undi. Js must win
  4. Cbn unnantavaraku no doka taruvata situation. Many local parties facing issues with new generation leadership.
  5. we bought new nexon next day got some issue. they said software need to be updated. stupid guys they should have checked before delivery. worst service from tata
  6. Only issue with this pottu is bc vs kapu votes. Bc always backed TDP and kapu to Congress. Kapu always anti to TDP. If bc don't vote then kapu must vote for TDP to come to power. If both don't vote then same 2019 repeat
  7. A director bajrangi Ani shivaraj Kumar to movie teesadu next Anni movies same story
  8. All movies mix la undi. A director bajrangi nunchi bayatiki radu
  9. Next 10 years bjp a centre lo undedi alternative ledu better to go with them than anti. Lokesh Babu future kosam tappadu
  10. we have suzuki grand vittara and tata nexon 2024 model. build wise and mileage tata is good but service patetic. Mahindra service worst if you give with one problem they deliver with another.
  11. rajesh meeda old videos anni paiki leputunanru kada . hindus meeda baga anti candidate
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