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  1. They are busy in defaming NTR. Paniki Rani Santa main a loki Babu. Nela lo o varam hadavudi chesi mudu varalu rest. Malli TDP future ani ruddudu
  2. Vizag only capital. Maku 2 cr bokka gave all our land for gannavaram airport development
  3. May be to divert from floods irresponsibility
  4. Tala koncham padestadu raja kaja anukuntu vote vestaru.
  5. Babu garu unnanta varuku nothing will happen. Family any way won't take initiative.
  6. NTR ni same age lo assembly lo edipincharu felt very bad then , yedava kunda undi undalsindi. Many remembering that incident feeling karma.
  7. Felt bad for leader but giving wrong signs. Bayata people thinking he doing over action after losing kuppam.
  8. Kuppam loss aite Babu kodukulu iddaridi untadi tappu. Ruling lo unnappudu e batch ni control Lo unchu te inta undedi kadu
  9. I don't know where you live but I live in gannavaram and interact with many people. I am telling people opinion. I am part of TDP youth wing, Before elections I told ycp will get 150+ remaining TDP every one made fun. We know what people mindset.
  10. He will not win from any where.people always remember him as back door minister. I am from gannavaram and member of cbn army.
  11. Biometric only available with volunteer s. A Chinna work aina with out volunteer weeks padutundi due to this.
  12. Following pk good so indirect ga alliance confirm.
  13. add me bro 8332823380  constituency gannavaram

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