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  1. Visa Reddy foreign tour ki velli a taruvata, if situations turn different, he will not come back. andulo vinta emi undi. not just now, even future vadu Vijay Malya / Nirav modi laga escape avutadu. No second question about it
  2. maha ayite Sept Salaries and pensions ivvadu. Question chese Dare evariki ledu kada. Employee unions to cheppinchukuntadu we don’t need salaries for one month ani..
  3. VISA foreign tour permission is a clear indication that bail will not be cancelled. As I have been saying from beginning, that will not happen.
  4. 0 % chance of bail cancellation. only way bail could have been cancelled is CBI firmly arguing to cancel, Since they didn’t say anything, nothing is going to happen
  5. Any info on what happening with this ? I was in India last 2 months, most of my villagers got compensation. Only 8 families didn’t get any info. Now worried that we may need to pay J-tax .. to get our compensation
  6. For few they mentioned the amounts. Like for mango trees, or for borewells etc. for the land it’s still not finalized
  7. I guess because of case , officials are not responding I guess. So I am asking my villagers to take the case back and just talk to officials to close the matter..
  8. No works happening in my village, but half KM before varaku full swing lo going on. 6 -7 months back survey done . Last month my dad went to MRO office, but they didn’t respond
  9. Already court case chesaru, adi every time vayida le. Till now not even single hearing happened..
  10. ? I seriously dont understand this. Works are going so fast, but in our village, till now, they didnt even talk to us. last they spoke is 7 or 8 months back, or may be even before. they did put markings, but nothing beyond that. Amount is not finalized, how much land will go is not finalized.. Dont know whom to approach..
  11. Hi, Chandragiri constituency , Kalroad palli Panchayat - 

    +1 980-254-1345


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