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  1. I thread lo kuda CBN meeda edupena ? After 40 years kuda expecting same ante.. we can now understand why he lost, the expectations on him were over the top
  2. Ikkada Fracture undi.. alreast Kodi katti vishayam lo emanna unda.. ? danike marder attempt pettaga lenidi...
  3. CBI counter will be in favor of Jagan. Both Jagan and CBI counters will be in sync. Its very clear, unless Mosha wants, no one can stop Jagan. Jagan is defying court orders also in every scenario, with support of Mosha.
  4. If proved, the injuries are latest nd by police, things will become extremely tough for AP Govt. So i am sure Jagan will seek BJP support to get a neutral report from Army hospital. And BJP will happily help Jagan, Atleast I am not positive , truth will come out, as long as BJP is at helm. they can manage any one.
  5. మొదటి డోసు ఈ జన్మ లో, రెండో డోసు వచ్చే జన్మలో.. దేశ్ కేలియే .. ధర్మ్ కేలియే..
  6. లిస్ట్ లో మా ఇడ్లీ సారాయి వంకుల్ పేరు లేదేంటి..
  7. EG dist alone will have these numbers per day. it will be easily around 700-800 per day in state
  8. IMA sounds like INC, so they are congress supports, they will talk like that only.. pichcha light... this is going to be answer from @Rajakeeyam bro
  9. ఖైదీ 150 సినిమా కలెక్షన్ లెక్క ఉన్నాయి. అయినా అనాల్సింది మిమ్ముల్ని కాదు. ఎక్సెల్ కనిపెట్టిన మైక్రోసాఫ్త్ వాడిని అనాలి..
  10. Same happened in Andha and still happening for TDP leaders Did any BJP leader / bhakt even speak about it? In fact indirectly supported YCP in these incidents Encouraged such incidents in one state and other states are following it.
  11. MIM and BJP రహస్య మిత్రులే గా.. మతం మీద బతికే పారాసైట్స్..
  12. Sagar lo TRS 20-25 K majority guarantee le..
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