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  1. Thatha Teesaav gaa Baffas Teeta
  2. Tirupati updates: Votes polled: 10.9 lakh counted so far: 3.15 lakh YSRCP: 1,76,700 TDP: 1,00,500 BJP: 17,600 YSRCP expected majority: 2.5 lakh #TirupatiResult #TirupatiByElection
  3. Suvendu Adhikari leading in Nandigram by 1497 votes...
  4. After 5 rounds now @MamataOfficial is trailing by only 3110 votes she was previously trailing by 9000 votes
  5. Hope she wins and stands against Mr PM
  6. 15k kadaa bro..inta once side guddaaru ante..
  7. Result edayina ide flow maintain cheyi chaalu...Slow gaa Andaru accept chestaaru...
  8. ekkada Neggalo kaadu ekkada Taggalo telisionde neggagaladu ....as for now Right direction lone veltunnadu Vijay anipistondi..
  9. Lokesh is doing very very very good job in TPT campaign...
  10. Cheyyalsindi antha ayipoyaka Edo formality ki clarification anthe...Aadu Magaadra Bujji..