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  1. dont think EC will accept to have volunteers doing electoral related works
  2. Edanna online storage site lo upload chesi share cheyandi. Or upload in streamable.com or vimeo
  3. chusi kuda chadavaleni edhava eedu..chi chi
  4. given the way of YCP ruling, anti is huge at the moment in neutral voters and those who gave him one chance..even his core votebank like mahasena rajesh batch etc vallu kuda thittukuntunnaru... my guess is TDP can win alone going single..last time vachina 40% retain cheskuni, there will be atleast another 2% to 3% tilt towards tdp and rest wil go to jsp...YCP will lose a minimum of 10% to 15% votebank
  5. asala ee ildy gadu state ki BJP president antene comedy...
  6. Poyekaalam vasthe ilage chestaremo edhavalu
  7. Eedu edo thopu ani feel avutadu nibba gadu..
  8. aa undavalli, IYR lanti lafoot batch antha ekkada daakkunnaro ipudu..
  9. Lol..but ground situation is very harsh. Jagga has bjp support and has all govt machinery in his hand..evaru unna peekedemi ledu. Have to wait anthe
  10. nice work by lawyers representing amaravati farmers..Decoit gadi plan fail papam
  11. chi chi, eedi moham chusthene
  12. yes exactly. hes a crooked xxxxxx fedualistic decoit kind. veedni and veedi party ni AP lo lekunda cheyyali...i dont care if cbn goes for alliance this time for this sake.
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