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  1. i think police arrested him...TG lo edo guesthouse lo dorikadu antunnaru
  2. I remember appatlo bettings koncham unfavorable ga ne unnai on tdp win, edge was with ycp...still db nunchi janalu tdp win meeda esi lose ayyaru papam... 2019 elections appudu teachers and govt employees were very open in criticizing tdp govt, that itself was an indication that things were not right...
  3. ground talk ni batti ee bettings nadustai, infact these Betting guys have better information mostly than ppl like us
  4. Bjp lo ki velthe vadultara enti ..i doubt it, maybe kesineni wil be ok. But not vamsi
  5. Ala aythe sreereddy ni speech ivvamante ela untundo hehe
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