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IPL 2024: Updates


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Posted (edited)
On 5/24/2024 at 6:19 PM, NBK NTR said:

ivala win ayithe...Hope SRH gives tough fight in finals....mari one-sided la kakunda unte finals would be worth-watching.

hmm expect chesinatte chesaru SRH :D 

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37 minutes ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

Ee pilla team lu, pilla aatalu......oka contest ledu bokka ledu all 4 palyoff matches.......

Aa moodu teams lo edho oka team finals ki vasthe ne kick-u, hype-u anni untaayi.. migatha teams madhyalo finals ilage chappagaa untaayi.. :run_dog:

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1 hour ago, PavanTarak said:

Malli dhoni fans matrame aus ki support chesaaru anakandi.. ilanti G kaalina batch-lu chaalane unnayi.. :run_dog:


Ellemma comedy huku IPL kosam Indian team odipovala.....evarra meerantha gif

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