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Tirupati Results

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Just now, Nfan from 1982 said:

Nooo Out of 3 lakhs, vote share of 56, 33% gives max 70 K majority to YCP. So max total majority will be around 3 lakhs only 

Yeah anything less than thighslapped 5lkhs is a victory . Time deggarlo undi edavalaki. Tdp should work on electioneering. Musali nakkalu andaru sacharu. Motivation ledu em ledu

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*తిరుపతి ఉప ఎన్నికల ఓట్ల లెక్కింపు వివరాలు@ 3.30 PM:

వైసీపీ: 5,33,961(56.6 శాతం)
టీడీపీ: 3,02,580(32.1 శాతం)
బీజేపీ: 50,354(5.3 శాతం)
కాంగ్రెస్ : 8,406(0.9 శాతం)
సీపీఎం :4,978(0.5 శాతం)
ఇతరులు : 30,381(3.2 శాతం)
నోటా: 13,175(1.4 శాతం)

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