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Indian Army attacks Terrorists camps inside PoK


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22 hours ago, chanu@ntrfan said:

Vallu roju attack chesthane untaru

Manam matram ila elections mundu matrame respond avutham.

Roju attack cheyatam past.... ipudu ledu... attack chesina ventane retaliate chesthunaru Army... 

Haryana/MH both states BJP easy win... vati kosam ila cheyalsina avasaram ledu..

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7 minutes ago, NatuGadu said:

Inthaki Bob goru .. bjp ki support aa... Opposite aaa

Natu bro..... discussion is not abt CBN, all the efforts of army are always appreciatable any day. But time and again, they come before some elections which look suspicious. 

ee matter lo CBN enduku vastaadu? 

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12 minutes ago, chanti149 said:

As usual...velli dark lo legs pattukuntam....vallu karunisthe support...

Lekapothe tirigi vachi....bjp tho kumakku ani ycp ni thidtham.....😂..that is our chanakyam u know

Cheekatlo kaallu pattukune buddulu unte Asalu Central govt nunchi bayataki enduku vasthadu. 

BJP tho YCP kummakku nijam kaada LOL

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