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  1. brother...I haven't seen Indira Gandhi or Rajiv...its difficult to correctly assess the people whom we haven't observed...history always either exaggerates people's greatness or completely disgraces them...if Modi doesn't lose next time, he will most probably go down as the strongest and even the greatest PM in the future history books...but I am experiencing the Modi era myself, I have every means to assess him...Forget abt Rajiv or any other Gandhi, if I have to choose between Modi and a street xxx, I will go with the street xxx within a sec.
  2. Hope someone will replace this psychoo's name in 'Narendra Modi Stadium' in Ahmedabad
  3. There is another video brother..someone warned to kill him if he opens his mouth..CBI guys told him they wont let anything happen to him, so he told everything he knew to the magistrate..and the CBI guys told him to tell everyone that he doesnt know/remember anything
  4. It seems its a typical BJP warning to Jagan and co for their fake agitation in the parliament, expecting silence from YSRCP, from Monday in the parliament.
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