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  1. Modi mocked that claim and said that they may have done it in a video game, other BJP leaders including Arun Jaitley and Prakash Javdekar ridiculed that claim..What are they then..? Where did I say not to trust or hate army brother..? I was reponding to ur statement 'Army credibility ni comment chese range kabatte daddoss ni traitors n zihadis anedi... Army credibility ni question chesthe traitors anatam challa takkuva'..I was trying to say, never trust anything blindly though it looks sacred and respected from outside...and those who dont believe, wont become traitors. And I dont
  2. I dont like Sidhu and I dont like to see him as a CM..but this is really sad brother..if people are still believing this stuff, I cant even imagine the level of hatred driven stupidity in them..Most of the retired Indian and Pakistan cricketers are friends as they played a lot of cricket each other and used to visit each other's houses when they were touring the countries..Even Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid and Sehwag has fond relations with some of the paskistan cricketers..So if Injamam or Afridi becomes PM, then sachin and sourav should never become chief ministers..?
  3. Do u know that Manmohan, relatively a lot more honest person claimed that India conducted many surgical strikes in his era and some of the retired army officials confimed that..? So do u belive that..? Or if u dont, will u call urself a traitor or a terrorist..?
  4. Brother..I dont understand this stupid belief that we should believe any particular organization(be it army, be it judiciary or be it police) without any question..If u believe anything without question, you become a slave...Do u know in the history of all wars in the world, all the armies in the world lied to their own country men..? Do you know every country that lost a war lied that, they were winning the war till the last moment..? Germany to Iraq to USA.. u know why..? because they are also humans..they have the same qualities and emotions as the normal people..ego, humiliation, embarrasm
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