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  1. Current BJP is like cancer to the scoiety, but unfortunately majority of the people are enjoying that cancer..People blame China for creating the Covid and spreading it, we dont know how far its true, but here in front of our eyes, BJP is spreading the dangerous hatred virus and people are taking it volunturily..We cant do anything except to feel sad for now.
  2. I was going through Zubair profile..Can u tell me specifically what he did and why are u so happy abt his arrest specifically..?
  3. How can u guys support Modi..Let us be blind and stupid for a minute and believe that Modi is honest and strong Hindu who wants to have Hindu rashtra..let us see whats happening in our state as we have a better understanding...why he is supporting a hard core christian Jagan who has been spreading the christianity..? he is not just supporting him, he is going to low levels of removing the votes to approving the unbearable debt at the expense of the state and future generations..? Now honesty..Why Avinsh reddy has not been arrested..or do u guys also believe that Dr Suneetha killed her father..
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