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VUDA City Central Park, Visakhapatnam

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Thank you TDP & CBN.


Vizag ki emanna jarigindi ante adi TDP rule lo vunnappude. NTR to CBN they given top most priority to UA especially Vizag.


Hudhud effect nunchi Vizag ni tondaraga bayataku teesukuvachharu.

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CBN ni IT ki LIMIT chesi nakincharu media but he was champion in non-it projects.

All 3 ports completed in last 20 years are CBN projects only. Again now he is only starting new ports.


Ex:- He did a lot in last term itself to Vizag in Infra and Non-it. Still the same projects are milked.


Economic projects by CBN to Vizag city in last term(Not adding any district projects)


1) 2400 ACRES Vizag Pharma city project which is a jewel in Vizag as of Today. Started by CBN in 2002


Ramky guys should be thankful to CBN for that project. But sad part is they took side with Jaffa as he given outright RE conversion later to sell few 100 acres land as plots) and which YSR opposed when in opposition


2002 lo initiate  chesi CBN 2004 ki full scope vachindi project . 2004 starting lo 1st pharma companies ravatam modalettai.




2005 nunchi YSR gadu just like in EMAAR laga original agreement marchesi "neketi nakenti" type lo RE ki permission ichadu plots sell cheyyataniki.


2) HSBC&KENEXA,WIPRO&SATYAM came in CBN last term only and later started operations(after 2004 all scamsters in IT and no real companies took lands)


3) Gangavaram port start&completion from fishing harbour to a major port by CBN along with Kakinada&Krishnapatnam privatization. Gangavaram port completed in time.


4) Vizag-Ananadapuram was 1st completed stretch in whole Andhra Pradesh part of quadrangular project. Before this traffic was going in city centre(This was 1st and Nellore-Tada area was 2nd in state by CBN to get port connections so he finished them on high priority. Based on land acquisition center completed those 1st)


After this Road completion,Vizag port in started  28% highest growth in exports from that year and started getting profts. Before that it was in losses.


5) Vizag-Bhimili 4 lane project and finishing till Sagar nagar(after 2004 not even single kilometer road was put. By the way remianing portion started again recently)


6) Tenneti Park-Kailasagiri hill road expansion and Tenneti park getting full VUDA park.Before that it was just a curve with no fullscale park and scary after dark.
After the hill 4 land road only Sagar Nagar&Rushikonda got life for expansion and people started thinking of them to move.


7) Highest revenue earning in state APTDC guest house project also started by CBN in Rushikonda


Infra projects by CBN in last term


Indias 1st sub-marine museum INS KUSURA as a state project(CBN initiative talking to center and got Sub-marine. It is State project by the way and it has highest revenue for VUDA in vizag)


Vizag beach got major expansion and 4 lane road like Hyderabad tank bund with parks and statues in 1999 CBN time. Before that it was dusty with sand all over and no parks on the sides.


Vuda childrens park


Kailasagiri project&ropeway&train on top and park by CBN(Telugu hall by Rosaiah by the way and CBN govt expeditd to complete it recently)

By the way VUDA park was by NTR too



Now time to talk what YSR did to Vizag........=>next post

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Now Jaffa turn......


150 acres land grab wihout single penny by YV subba reddy. later he sold for 200 crores white profit to Shiram properties.Highlit of this is Subbareddy did not invest anything.
Br.Anil getting land in the name of nursing school project in beach road
Rushikonda lands grab by YSR gang members
Land allocations to fake IT companies who in reality are builders(BJP mla Raju is one of them that is why is big drama artist)
CBN started 2002 Jawahar pharma land was later given special permission to sell few acres as RE plots(this was in CBI charge sheet by the way)
RTC complex controversial land conversion to congress leaders
Nagarjuna getting main triangle Siripuram center land for cheap rate from VUDA

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Vizag, The city of destiny is going to have its India’s tallest musical fountain. Already the train run is done and it is pleasure to watch. This is going to be inaugurated by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu very soon.

This would be an another tourist attracting to vizag, as this is the tallest musical fountain in India. This is designed, developed and installed by Orient Fountains of China at a cost of Rs 4.5 crore.

The fountain jets water to a height of 40 to 50 meters, with a pleasant music in the background. Oscillating vertically at 360 degrees, the fountain dances to the tune of digital music in different colours. This musical foundation is build in a area of 800 square meters. The fountain in all will showcase 64 events. The overall play time of this is around 45 minutes.

The fountain beats the Gujarat Science City musical fountain, which goes up to a height of 30 meters only. Vuda is planning to organise four such shows in the first phase charging a modest price of Rs 25.

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