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  1. Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevention_of_Money_Laundering_Act,_2002 PMLA(a chattam chesinde Vajpayee ilanti crminals kosam) violation case lo intha pakka evidence kuda unde bayata tirugutunna ekaika politican JAgan reddy..... waw...Modi ji waw.....Andhra paristiti Tamilnadu laga untundi eedi CM ayite.....Dummy palani swamy(eediki kanisam case lu levu) ni etla adistunaro same to same....
  2. CBN govt e project ayina timeline lo chestundi.....adi cheppukoleni tanam mana leaders di...
  3. HCL gadi common practice.....training ayina taruvata next day a HCL experience chupinchi potaru ani a fees as investment antadu(without bonds)...
  4. entha galiju naxxx ante pattiseema lo 45+polavaram 45=100 iste inka enduku manam projectlu kattukovatam....
  5. Lokesh: shenzhen lo oka big plant lo 1 lakh employees unnaru...manam 2 years lo 2 lakhs cheddam Hardware lo, cheyyagalam kuda Ventane haters batch trolling lokesh meda cut chesthe Reliance alone 25,000 employees and all 25,000 to be filled in an year as Reliance wants 100% capacity by 2019 mid
  6. one more season...after that any wastage will be stopped... This yeat total sea left from prakasam is 50 TMC+Pattiseema pumps stopped for 24 days)= 70 TMC total also CBN wellthought and he planned rubber dam down stream before sea so "salt water seapage" won't happen
  7. wow....TCL CEO himself came to Tirupati for this....the person in below picture is TCL worldwide CEO DONGSHENG TCL revenue is 20 billion USD per year and this step will redirect others to AP
  8. just trolling &matalathone politics nadustunna mana states lo "development achievements " anevi mana only strength... Tirupati now has - Worlds No#1 Foxconn - Worlds 2nd top electronics FLEXTRONICS - World's top TV&screen mfg'er TCL - Worlds FOURTH top cell seller XIAOMI - Reliance to mfg'er 7-10 lakh instruments a day with new unit Lokesh lures electronics major TCL, manufacturing unit in Tirupati http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/67147601.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  9. Vizag AMTZ got World class lab with this....AMTZ has 37 labs all at one location THINK3D OPENS $6M MEDICAL DEVICE 3D PRINTING FACILITY IN AP MEDTECH ZONE https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/think3d-opens-6m-medical-device-3d-printing-facility-in-ap-medtech-zone-145693/
  10. CBN planning this with donations......that is good decision..... From this hill whole 33,000 acres,guntur can be seen as it is at south center point....
  11. sai bro, e project evaru adagaledu cbn ni....kanisam a area farmers ki kuda idea ledu ela cheyochu ani... CBN started to explore cost effective "wonders" in irrigation and this project born out of that..... just 6000 crores 12 lakhs(+3 in west krishna) acres ki life ivochu anedi maro Leader evaraina chesi unte e patiki Bharata Ratna eligibility vachedi...
  12. Phase-1 Nakerekallu lo drop and flow down..Nakerekallu nunchi Macherla ki malli lift kavali(20 meters lift).... Right now buggavagu water reserve chestaru till Nakirekallu once phase-1 is complete
  13. CBN will be remembered for this project master planning&completion...Not just solving guntur&Prakasam problems, he showed way for KA&Tamilnadu water issue...... Think for a movement, If Modi had proposed this same project and taken up it would have been become National wonder.....But perverted mind made him to choose wrong way....
  14. just 4 years back this area on river front was abandoned(open defecation)...Today it is seen/shared all over world Team Abudhabi shared this back in Emirates and their news Today race is telecast live there in Abudhabi
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